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The Importance of Window Screen Cleaning

Most people have heard about the benefits of clean windows: from improving the curb appeal and overall aesthetic of your home or business, to enhancing outdoor views and employee productivity, clean windows have generally been accepted as an important part your home or business maintenance program.

What may surprise some readers to learn is that clean window screens are equally, if not more important. Though the aesthetic impact derived from cleaning window screens is considerably less than the one you get after our 3-step window cleaning process, the health and home upkeep benefits may be greater. Read on to learn 3 reasons why cleaning window screens should be an important part of your home’s window maintenance program!

Improve your air quality.

Spring is here, and windows across America are being opened after staying shut all winter long. What is better than a warm breeze washing through the house on a mellow spring afternoon? That may sound like a rhetorical question, but actually, most homeowners could experience an even better breeze by cleaning window screens with Window Genie. Most home owners neglect this important chore and end up with dirty screens that act like dusty fan or HVAC screens. Even the most fresh and pure spring breeze will just end up blowing dirty air through your house once it travels through filthy window screens.

The implications of dirty air circulating through the home have allowed the air duct and HVAC cleaning industries to blossom in the past few years. Empirical studies have highlighted the danger to respiratory health that poor indoor air quality can pose. Cleaning window screens can keep your friends, pets, and family safe from coughs, sneezing fits, sinus problems, and more serious issues that develop when you breathe dirty air for a sustained period of time. Bet you never thought Window Genie could grant you a clean bill of health, too!

Keep your windows in shape

The dirtier the screen, the shorter its lifespan. If you aren’t cleaning window screens fairly regularly, you are exposing to much more than dirt. Salts, sap, and other bio-matter gets lodged in dirty screens, and the acidity of these substances can start to wear out your screens over time.

Even more pronounced, though, is the visible effect that dirty window screens has on the condition of your windows. Most people confuse rainfall as the catalyst for dirty windows, thinking the rain water falling from the sky to be contaminated. In fact, the real problem is not the rain itself, but the condition of your window screens. Rain does not directly make your windows dirty; instead, it is the combined action of rain hitting your dirty screens and spattering grimy water onto your windows that does it. Window Genie can clean your screens perfectly so that rain water will be a pleasant rinse instead of a soiling storm!

Clean window visibility

Even the cleanest of windows will be marred by dirty window screens. Why pay to have your windows professionally cleaned if the company does not take the extra step to clean your screens? Nobody would showcase a pristine piece of art behind a dirty display case, and Window Genie thinks the same should be true of window cleaning services. We are experts when it comes to cleaning window screens, and will happily handle this chore so that your professional window clean can be showed off in style.

Why compromise when it comes to professional window cleaning? The value that Window Genie offers homeowners is hard to ignore. Along with our professional window screen cleaning, our 3-step window cleaning process includes a thorough window scraping to remove any built-up sap or bug residue at no cost. We can take care of both the interior and exterior of your windows, and will happily offer customers buying in bulk a discount of up to 30%! The more you schedule, the more you save. Choose Window Genie to keep your windows and screens perfectly clean!

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