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Gutter Cleaning

Top 3 Tips for Cleaning and Repairing Gutters

Though frequently overlooked or avoided, gutter cleaning should be prioritized in your home maintenance regimen. Cluttered gutters are responsible for most people's water leakage, mold, and cracked foundation issues. This costs homeowners across America thousands of dollars each year although they are easily preventable through regular gutter cleaning and repair.

The problem is that gutter cleaning and repair work is dangerous, labor-intensive, and time-consuming, especially when done improperly. Furthermore, anybody in the family with a fear of heights or issues with balance should immediately excuse themselves from this chore.

If you are like the thousands of people across America who understand the need for clean gutters but can't seem to find the time or energy while balancing your career, family, fitness, and finances, know that Window Genie can grant your wish! Window Genie offers scheduled gutter cleaning service programs with year-round customer care discounts, guarding your home against bug spawns, rotten wood, slippery sidewalks, and washed-out landscaping caused by clogged gutters.

Looking at the devoted DIYers of the world, we know that not everyone is interested in a year-round cleaning program. Some customers have simply let their gutters go for a few months, and want to call in the GenieMobile to save them a Saturday and take down a super-sized cleaning task.

For those looking to do some gutter cleaning of their own, or to have an idea of standard practice to compare their current handyman to, the Window Genie experts have assembled some basic guidelines and safety tips for you. Read on to learn some great tips for cleaning and repairing gutters.

Safety First

We repeat... SAFETY FIRST! One of the main reasons that regular gutter cleaning is neglected by homeowners is that it can be a scary job. Spending hours up on a ladder that is often sitting on uneven ground can be daunting. If you are uncomfortable with heights or consider yourself unskilled or unpracticed on a ladder, then this job is not meant for you. If this is the case, call your local Window Genie and cross something else off of your to-do list instead.

Make sure that you have a good pair of work gloves at the ready. You will be handling clumps of dirt, leaves, sticks, and pest residue that can pose a risk to your hands. Don't risk getting cut in a damp and dirty environment that is usually filled with rust and animal waste.

Always work from the ladder, rather than climbing onto the roof and leaning in the direction of your gutter, which puts you at risk of falling. Make sure to watch out for any unexpected hazards like low-hanging electrical lines or hidden bee nests.

Fix It on the Go

Try to limit your total time spent on the ladder. Don't bother making two separate trips to repair and clean your gutters. As you work through your cleaning routine, look out for any loose gutter sections and tighten them as you see them. Keep a supply of long lag bolts handy, either in a secured bag or held by an assistant. There is no better time to start your repairs than when you clean your gutters. When cleaning your gutters you get a close look at their condition and are also preparing a workspace if any repairs are needed.

Test Your Work

As you work through your cleaning effort, make sure to test your handiwork as you go. Open gutters are easy enough to evaluate, but spouts may require some extra attention. Spray a jet of water down the spouts to make sure that it is clear. If you have not cleaned it well enough, the spout will be clogged, and water will visibly back up and pool at the top. This tells you it is time to try again or to give Window Genie a call or request a free estimate.

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