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Top 6 Christmas Vacation Destinations

Bing Crosby sang of a white Christmas, and also a Hawaiian Christmas

If you’re sick of the cold weather – escaping the norm and heading to a warm, sunny beach destination can be a great alternative way to spend the holidays… But if you’re a fan of cold and snowy weather, and want to elevate your Christmas spirit and enjoy the winter wonderland to its fullest… there are also plenty of cold-weather retreats for you! Either way, you can leave the in-laws at home and have a holly, jolly Christmas – it’s the best time of the year!


While most would associate Christmastime with snowmen, sleigh rides, and plenty of hot cocoa, (after all, Santa does live in the North Pole) turning the tradition on its head and enjoying a beach retreat is a fun alternative way to celebrate the holidays with your family. Here are a few of our suggestions… feel free to share your own below!

Disneyland & Disneyworld

While both are distinctly different, they’re each located in wonderfully warm locations your family can enjoy in the wintertime. For a family with young children, what Christmas could be more memorable than one at DISNEY? First up is Disneyland in Anaheim California. Stay at any of their resorts or nearby at beautiful Newport Beach. Southern California in December will make you forget it is winter. If the East Coast is more accessible to you, try Disney World in Orlando Florida. Arguably the “better” of the two, Disney World boasts a bigger park with a huge variety of sights to see, rides to ride, and fun to have. You’re also just down the road from Universal Studios.

Caribbean Cruise

Many of the major cruise liners run holiday-themed family cruises in the wintertime. All-inclusive with stops at islands like The Bahamas, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico… talk about a relaxing Christmas getaway! No major decisions to make on destination, because you’re going to a few! Many of the islands depend on tourism to support the economy, so believe me they go all out for their guests who travel for the holidays. Do your research to find the best fit for your family’s interests in activities, and take note to any early booking discounts! Can’t do it this year? If you book a year or two in advance… it could save you big time.


Hawaii is a dream destination year-round for any occasion – honeymoon #2 anyone? Build a sandman (Hawaiian snowman) with the kids, replace your hot chocolate with a daiquiri, and enjoy a beachside performance by the locals instead of caroling this year. Don’t let the beautiful beach weather fool you, Hawaii does it up for Christmas. Do your research to see what types of tree lighting ceremonies, parades, fairs, and more are happening on which islands.


There’s nothing wrong with a little snow! Sometimes the escape we crave has nothing to do with winter weather. The holidays are a great time to experience something fun and new with the family, without feeling forced to visit every family member and attend every office party in the tri-state area. If skiing, cuddling by a fire, and sightseeing are your thing… a cold-weather retreat may be for you!

New York City, NY

New York is every bit as magical around Christmastime as it seems in the movies. From the enormous, illuminated tree and ice skating at Rockefeller Center to elaborate holiday window displays on Fifth Avenue to performances at Radio City Music Hall… New York in December is a historic sight best experienced in person. New York offers the best in shopping, dining, and entertainment for the whole family all winter long! Stay an extra week for the spectacle that is Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Watching the ball drop in person is quite exceptional – much different than watching Dick Clark (and now Ryan Seacrest) count it down on TV.

Vail, Colorado & Aspen, Colorado

If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors in the winter wonderland, these snowy mountain towns are for you! Nestled in the Rocky Mountains just a few driving hours west of Denver, these two cozy ski towns match up so closely we couldn’t pick just one! (if you argue for either, please share your experience below!) With luxurious accommodations and endless family-friendly activities like tubing, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and attending annual holiday festivals… you’re guaranteed a wonderful holiday.

London, England

While London is a great destination year-round, many families are taking a trip across the pond to enjoy the festivities at Christmastime. From ice skating to extravagant lighting ceremonies to live ballet and musical performances, London at Christmastime finds itself quite comparable to New York City. Go caroling, take a historical tour, or cozy up indoors for the weekend – whatever it may be, London’s typically foggy, grey, and drab aesthetic is nowhere to be found in December.

Tell us about your wonderful Christmas vacation away from home! Where did you go? Would you recommend it to a friend? Share in the comments below…

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