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Pressure Washing

Understand Savings - A Closer Look at Pressure Washing Prices

Pressure washing professionals have been enjoying a surge of business lately as homeowners across America start to realize the value of this maintenance service. Aside from improving the aesthetics of your home by blasting away dirt, stains, and mold, pressure washing can actually increase the lifespan of many different parts of your property. Whether you’re looking to get a few more seasons out of an old deck or to keep your home’s siding in shape for years to come, pressure washing is the solution.

As the demand for pressure washings has continued to blossom, the power has shifted into the hands of the suppliers. Unscrupulous companies might try to take advantage of the surging popularity of pressure washing services, and try to mark up the cost of their equipment rental or professional power washing service.

To help you find a good deal and steer clear of any overpriced ones, Window Genie would like to share some information about pressure washing prices you can expect. Whether you are looking to rent a pressure washer for yourself or would like to hire a team of pressure-washing specialists, this breakdown will help you!

Pressure Washing Prices to Expect:

  • Renting your pressure washer may seem like a more economical option since you cut the cost of commute and specialists’ salaries out of your budget, but is it really? Most pressure washers will cost anywhere from $40-100 per day. Unfortunately, both the quality and effectiveness of the equipment you have available will vary wildly depending on where you live. Even when you decide to rent, pressure washing prices can start to get out of hand; you will probably have to purchase your own cleaner or sealant, will have to dedicate a lot of time at first to familiarize yourself with the safety manual, and could even cause costly damages to your home as you use your property as a practice dummy!
  • Purchasing a pressure washer comes with many of the same drawbacks as a rental, though the learning curve will only be a one-time inconvenience as you get comfortable with your new tool. You can expect to pay $70-250 on your pressure washer purchase if you opt for an electric motor. Gas-powered options will give you more pressure-washing power but will run between $300-1,000. Commercial models used by contractors are the heavy artillery that you probably won’t need, and thank goodness for that – these behemoths can cost you thousands!
  • Hiring a professional pressure washing service is often a better choice when considered in terms of cost-effectiveness. Professionals won’t damage your siding or scar your deck, and will often include a high-quality sealant like the Window Genie option. You will typically pay between $0.40 and $0.80 per square foot, though you can drastically reduce the price when you consider bundled maintenance program options. Some companies will also combine home maintenance services together at a discounted rate – Window Genie cuts the cost of window cleaning if combined with exterior pressure washing, for example.

As you can see, pressure washing prices are more complicated than they seem. You will need to keep an eye out for good deals, and try to bundle services and cleaning appointments to save where you can. Additionally, make sure you take the time to run some quick calculations using the figures we’ve provided before you commit to the window cleaning service near you. A few extra minutes can save you a lot of money.

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