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Use This, Not That: Cleaning Edition

window cleaning lady.

Even though we embrace technology in most areas of our life, cleaning seems to still be in the dark ages. Improved efficiency, monetary savings, and quality are the benefits of including technology in cleaning and housekeeping. But for some reason, we still use the same tools we’ve been using for the last 50 years.  The good news is you don’t have to. There are great alternatives to the commonly used tools.

Microfiber Cloths Vs. Sponges

I can almost guarantee if you invited me into your home I’d find a sponge. The truth is sponges are useful and do a great job cleaning. The dirty truth is the average kitchen sponge holds 200,000 times as many germs as your toilet seat. The porous nature of a sponge, coupled with dampness, creates a playground for bacteria. Microfiber towels are a modern marvel. Not only do they have an amazing absorption rate, but they extremely easy to clean. Unlike sponges, you can throw a microfiber towel in with the rest of your laundry. The initial cost may seem prohibitive, but once you realize the long-term savings, you’ll never look back.

Disposable Toilet Bowl Cleaner Vs Toilet Brush

Not everything disposable is bad. When you read a lot of lists like this one, the writer will kill anything disposable. Toilet bowl brushes are a different animal. Think about the last time you cleaned or even replaced a toilet brush. If the answer isn’t after every use you’ve got a problem. Think about how disgusting it is to use your toilet brush and then place it directly back into its holder. Even if you rinse it, how thorough are you being? Disposable bowl cleaners are terrific, not only because they are more sanitary, but also because their design makes cleaning more effective.

Broom Vs. Swiffer

I know what you are going to say, and I agree. A Swiffer isn’t a broom. You can’t use a Swiffer to sweep up broken glass or spilled cereal. I’m not saying you should throw your broom out, but when it comes to dust, dirt, and pet hair, nothing beats a Swiffer. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get all the dirt or hair into the dustpan. You brush the dirt forward then move the pan back and do it all over again until you give up. Swiffers utilize electrostatic to pick up the dirt and dust that brooms cannot. For everyday dusting and cleaning, nothing beats a Swiffer.

Glass Cleaner with Ammonia Vs. WG-57

Glass Cleaner with Ammonia

Everyone wants a window/glass cleaner that will leave a sparkling clean window without streaks. For decades, consumers have been using ammonia based window cleaners, but ammonia can cause issues for some. Ammonia is a known skin irritant and can cause some people to experience breathing problems. WG-57 was designed with those customers in mind. WG-57 is lightly fragrant and will not cause the same irritation to the user’s skin.  Unlike most ammonia based window cleaners, WG-57 is a clinging foam. This means it stays where you spray it.  The other great advantage to WG-57 is that it’s great for many other surfaces. It’s safe to use on wood, granite, and many other surfaces.

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