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2 Ways Hiring a Window Cleaning Company is Good for Business

We live in a world where gadgetry is all the rage. Intrigued by the implications of the internet and digital technology, society has started to move away from time-tested products and services, drawn to new devices with flashing lights and Wi-Fi connectivity. This trend has invaded all corners of our culture; kids are replacing sports equipment with iPhones, and business owners are spending thousands on fancy digital signage and Wi-Fi beacon advertising to boost business when simpler solutions are out there.

The Window Genie experts want to know why you’d spend thousands on gadgets when you could get incredible results with a window cleaning company for a fraction of the price? Literal windows may seem unimpressive next to Windows 8, but the reality is that hiring a window cleaning company is one of the most cost-effective ways of boosting your business’s curb appeal. Read on to learn 2 ways that hiring a window cleaning company is good for business, and good for your wallet when compared to the price of newfangled marketing gadgets!

Enhance your image with a window cleaning.

When realtors are trying to polish a property before courting buyers, they will often hire a window cleaning company to add a few dollars to the closing price, or a few names to the open house sign-in sheet. Why do they do this? Simple – curb appeal.

Whether you are standing inside or outside, nothing boosts your image quite like immaculate windows. From the inside, it gives you the perfect lens to look through into the outside world; from the outside, it is the perfect showcase for products, services, and promotions that you may be running. Sparkling windows truly shine, so that your customers will take notice of your attention to detail rather than the blemishes, fingerprints, and weathering you neglected to clean up. Though it may sound ridiculous, your windows reflect your company’s image and reputation on some level and could be the deciding factor in a business interaction as your client makes their first impression.

The level of technological wow factor you cram into your store doesn’t matter to a customer if they are immediately put off by the cleanliness of your office.

Using a window cleaning company stops your business from being disrupted.

When you’re trying to figure out what will be a cost-effective way to boost your business, you need to make sure that the option you are considering is minimally disruptive to your work day. Something that doubles your sales in a day is ultimately ineffective if you lose a day setting it up. If you favour high-tech marketing gadgets, you might lose a day working on the installations, registration, and tutorial. Hiring a window cleaning company can bring in more customers by polishing your frontage, but will not disrupt your work day in any way. Our cleaners are prompt, personable, and fully uniformed so that they will not be a nuisance or a deterrent to customers. In fact, hiring a window cleaning company may even capture the attention of customers who see our expert cleaners working on your windows in royal purple!

Most importantly, hiring a window cleaning company like Window Genie eliminates a chore for you. Aside from handling your windows, we also eliminate your prep work! Unlike some other companies, we do not require you to take down curtains or blinds and will work around almost any furniture or display set-ups as we clean the inside of your windows using our unparalleled 3-step process. Call us once, join our Window Care program, and forget about it; don’t worry about installations, updates, or virus repair, just enjoy your sparkling clean windows and the business boost that comes along with it.

If you are interested in learning more about our 3-step cleaning process, unparalleled WG-57 cleaner, or how you can save even more money with our Window Care program, then visit today!

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