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Welcome to the Team! 8 New Genies

A residential street with three Window Genie vans parked on the side.

Spring has sprung! As Window Genie gears up for the busiest time of the year, spring cleaning season, we’re taking a look back at the first quarter of the year. We opened 8 franchises so far in 2015 — and we're not slowing down! Meet the newest Genies to join our team:

Andy Schneider of Spring, TX

Window Genie of North Houston opened for business in late February 2015. Before purchasing his Window Genie franchise, Schneider worked for 15 years in the auto auction business eventually opening two successful locations of his own in San Antonio and Dallas. After selling his businesses and taking a job that required substantial travel, everywhere from Michigan to Florida, Schneider decided to return home to Texas to settle down near family and start another business; this time a franchise. Schneider sought the help of Mark Pasma, franchise coach and consultant with The You Network. Together they determined which franchise opportunities best fit Schneider’s interests, goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Schneider said, “I had enough of the corporate world, there are no guarantees anymore. I’m no spring chicken but I’ve got a lot of good years left so I decided I was ready to be my own boss again, be responsible for my success, and start a new business at home in Texas. Franchising appealed to me for the support of a network of fellow owners and a corporate team; being in business for myself but not by myself.” His local news, The Paper, gave Andy a warm welcome with their piece announcing his new biz.

Duane Turner of Sumter, SC

Window Genie of Florence opened for business in early March 2015. Immediately after graduating high school, Turner joined the U.S. Army. Initially, Turner served as a combat arms soldier, a position he left to work in the materiel management field. It was during this time that he had the opportunity to work with a number of small businesses that had contracts with the Department of Defense. It was this experience, Turner said, that inspired his entrepreneurial dreams that would one day lead him to Window Genie. He said, “As I worked with the owners of small businesses, I developed a curiosity about what motivated them to do what they do. Everyone’s story was different, but they all enjoyed the freedom that came with being an entrepreneur. Over the years, I realized that I strongly desired that freedom too. As I approached retirement from military service, I knew that my next move would be into business ownership. As I approached the end of my military career, I knew that I wanted my next career move to be one where I had more control,” said Turner. “When I began looking at business models, Window Genie appealed to me because it offered a system that I could ‘plug into’ rather than starting from scratch. That choice has already proven to be the right move for me. I really enjoy the great support that I receive from Window Genie’s corporate team.”

Chris & Jessi Hendrix of Greenville, SC

Window Genie of Greenville opened for business in late March 2015. Both Chris and Jessi are veterans of the U.S. Army. Chris joined the Army two weeks after his high school graduation and served for 22 years before retiring. After Jessi’s military career, she worked in statistics and analysis. Together, the couple decided to go into business for themselves and came to the conclusion that franchising would be the best means to do that. “We’ve known for a while that we were going to be entrepreneurs, but we put a lot of thought into how we’d make that a reality,” said Chris. “With franchising, we found that we would be given the autonomy we sought, while also being backed by a franchisor that had a vested interest in our success. “It was clear that Window Genie provides a solid foundation for the success of its franchisees. The owners, the CEO, Rik Nonelle and the entire staff have been very oriented on our success and shortening the business learning curve.” From serving their country in the Army to serving their new community of Greenville as Window Genie franchise partners — check out this amazing story in their local newspaper, Greenville Online.

Jerry Mastrofilippo of Allentown, PA

Window Genie of Allentown opened for business in late March 2015. We’ve already featured Jerry on this blog because his story is unique… and exciting! While most Window Genie franchise partners come to us from a wide range of varied backgrounds and experiences… Jerry spent the last 10 years working as lead technician and field manager for one of our highest-earning and longest ran franchise locations in Sparta, NJ. Having seen first-hand the potential for growth, success, and an attractive work-life balance, Jerry said he chose to branch out on his own so he could build a stable future for his family. “I worked for Window Genie’s top-earning franchise location for 10 years; I learned from the best. While I had a great boss and enjoyed the job, I felt ready to be my own boss. Since getting married and having kids I wanted to find a way to have my own say in balancing work while still being able to be there for my wife and kids as much as possible. Being my own boss and working in a field I have a great deal of experience allows me that opportunity. I’m grateful for everything I learned while working for Steve and hope to earn as much success as he did as a business owner.” For Jerry, Window Genie represented a chance to live out his dream of being his own boss without the risks of going it alone. “The service industry is dear to me, and Window Genie’s stellar reputation in the field conveys a great deal of credibility,” said Jerry. “I knew that starting a business backed by the Window Genie name would let me get started on the right foot. Steve’s experience working with the franchise system was always positive, he assured me I would always receive the support I needed from not only the corporate team but fellow franchise partners. That makes a huge difference and has put my mind at ease. I’m excited to branch out on my own and see what I’m made of.” His local media welcomed his new business to the area with a great piece you can see online at Lehigh Valley Live.

Dale Campbell of Rochester, NY

Window Genie of Rochester opened in late March 2015. A former Vice President of Operations for a custom sheet metal fabrication and machine parts company, Campbell turned his attention to franchising for what he described as a way to have greater control of his life. ”Ownership of my own business would grant me the ability to determine my own successes or failures,” said Campbell, “after so many years in corporate America that was exactly what I needed in order to reinvent my career.” Campbell said Window Genie was the best option, one which he knew would give him the career autonomy he sought while still providing a level of support that would help him get his business started on the right foot. For Campbell, Window Genie is the logical conclusion to where his career has taken him. “I’ve had a successful 42-year career in operations, in the corporate world, manufacturing products all over the world. Now I am in the service industry, and am responsible for taking care of individual customers directly and providing good value, daily and directly. My performance is now experienced hourly and personally by each customer; this is a huge change for me, but a welcome one.”

Craig Walters of Champaign, IL

Window Genie of Champaign will open in mid-April 2015. For Walters, owning his Window Genie business is the perfect culmination of three decades of industrial sales experience. As he began to grow restless in his former career Walters began to envision not only a job change, he said, but a role change as well: that of being his own boss. “The timing was perfect to make a career transition,” said Walters. “For years I knew I wanted to eventually own my own business, but I also knew I didn't want to start from scratch. After consulting multiple franchises, I found that Window Genie made the most sense because it would let me merge both my industrial knowledge with the customer service experience I gained from the sales portion of my career.” Along with wife Christy, who will manage accounting duties, Walters is excited to join a company, he says, he has a tremendous amount of respect for. “The reputation Window Genie has, the marketing the company makes available to franchisees, the professionalism of both the product and the people, and being an authorized 3M window film installer, the company had everything going for it,” said Walters. “I’ve been working long enough to appreciate the importance of being backed by a strong support system when running a company and Window Genie provides that in spades.”

Ben Bare of Redmond, WA

Window Genie of Redmond opens in late April 2015. Before joining the Window Genie team, Ben Bare spent 8 years as an Army Ranger, earning the rank of Staff Sergeant during his service which included 9 combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. During his transition out of the Army, Bare and his fiancé discussed their next move. While both of them grew up in Wisconsin, the Army brought them to Washington State; they fell in love with the land, the people, and the culture. "I knew I wanted to be my own boss," Bare said, "so we decided I would open a business and we'd settle down in the Seattle area." With the help of his franchise coach Jim Frank at The Entrepreneur's Source, they were able to figure out which business model best fit Ben's goals and strengths. Bare liked the mobile concept of Window Genie which allowed for a more flexible schedule that wouldn't require nights, weekends, or holidays on the job. "I'm most excited about creating jobs and building a team. I worked with about 10 men under me in the Army and we became like a family, I'm hoping to achieve that kind of environment with Window Genie between my team and the community."

Joe Delatte of Virginia Beach, VA

Window Genie of Virginia Beach opens in late April 2015. Before joining Team Genie, Delatte worked for many years in the advertising and marketing industry, most recently as a strategic consultant. Having always felt the desire to be a business owner, Delatte explains that, "it was just the right time for me. I'm not getting any younger, but I still have the energy, drive, and motivation to build something that's mine." If he was going to make a big leap, he said, it was going to be with a franchise. "Why start from scratch when I can successfully run someone else's concept? If it's proven and the branding is strong, I can make it happen." Working with Mark Laughlin, franchise coach with The You Network, Delatte decided on Window Genie for its lifestyle appeal. "I have a son, three daughters, and four grandchildren. I wanted a successful business and that I could earn a good living doing, but that didn't take me away from family on nights, weekends, or holidays." Delatte is excited to be working with the people in the Virginia Beach community he's grown to love over the last 30 years. He said, "I know the people and the community. There's a lot of demand for these services, it's a timeless business. I look forward to building lasting relationships and earning loyal repeat customers that I can service for years to come."

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