What to Look for When Considering Professional Window Cleaning Services

It is rare to find a homeowner who consistently makes the time to clean their windows themselves. Hazardous, hard to do and quite a headache when tackled on your own, most homeowners instead opt to make a small and worthwhile investment in professional window cleaning services. Though they may have to deal with a fee up front, the amount of time, energy and cleaning supply cost that is saved typically makes the charge well worth it.

Because of people’s general disinterest in braving the heights and hassles of doing it themselves, professional window cleaning services have become very popular. Everywhere you look, it seems that you can spot a new company offering window cleaning services. Since there is no specialized degree or expensive equipment required, many inexperienced entrepreneurs will venture into the window cleaning business, able to easily train and outfit a workforce to start recruiting clients. For this reason, there are many considerable differences in quality that will be seen in the professional window cleaning industry. Invisible to many, a definitive pecking-order exists in the window cleaning industry, with the established experts being distinguishable from inexperienced newcomers with a well-trained eye. Window Genie experts have assembled some useful tips to help you when looking for quality window cleaning service providers. Read on to learn what to look for when considering your professional window cleaning services.

Make sure that the company is insured and equipped with liability insurance.

While researching professional window cleaning companies you should always make sure that they are properly insured, registered and caught up on the proper documentation. Some unprofessional companies could put you at risk of being sued as liable if they happen to fall and have any accidents while working on your home. Window Genie workers are fully licensed and insured and will happily present their hard-earned certifications when questioned by clients. For over two decades, Window Genie professional window cleaners have been delivering high-quality results without incident to homeowners across America. Window Genie workers are well-trained and drive GenieMobiles filled with the most up to date equipment available, making them the best choice to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Make sure that the company is experienced.

Try to research your chosen company’s experience. Window cleaning has been in demand for years, and will continue to be, especially as window tints allow home owners to increase the number of windows in their home without losing heat and energy efficiency. With professional window cleaning having been in demand for so long, there is really little reason to opt for a brand new company that has yet to be tested by customer reviews and industry ups and downs. Ideally, you want to choose a company that has been able to thrive in a competitive climate. This indicates that this company will be able to deliver great results capable of keeping their business afloat despite the presence of competitors.

Window Genie franchises have been thriving for over two decades. Over the years, Window Genie has been honored by a number of awards and recognition from Entrepreneur magazine, Money Magazine, Franchise Business Review and USA Today. A testament to their continued quality and customer satisfaction, they have consistently ranked well in reviews of the country’s top franchises, fast-growing businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities. This kind of publicity and professional acknowledgement is what you should look for when vetting potential professional window cleaning companies.

Make sure that the price is appropriate.

Window Genie represents one of the window cleaning industry’s premier service providers, and at a very reasonable cost. Get your free quote today and find out why thousands of Americans choose Window Genie to grant their cleaning wishes. If you do not have a Window Genie franchise in your area, you can at least hold your local providers to this high standard to find the best men and women near you for the job!

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4 thoughts on “What to Look for When Considering Professional Window Cleaning Services”

  1. I like your advice to make sure that the window cleaning service you hire has all of the proper documentation needed to prove that they are licensed and insured. Since we’re planning on selling soon, my husband and I are looking to hire a service to clean our window. We will definitely have to hire a company who can prove they are licensed and insured so that we can be sure they are professionals.

  2. You made a good point when you said that by hiring an experienced window professional, I can be sure that the results delivered to me are of good quality as they have the knowledge and experience. If so, then I will be sure to check the experience and longevity of the professional before I hire them. After all, the windows are pretty big and easily seen. It will be nice if the clients will see that even the windows are clean.

  3. I love how obvious your cleaning strategies help the homeowner. It would be great to feel free and relaxed all the time. There is no way I can make this happen myself. For that reason, I need to get a cleaning service to clean my home. Who does a great job?

  4. I have been having a hard time keeping the second story windows of my office building clean and clear, so I am thinking about hiring a window cleaning service. You make a good point that I should choose a company that has liability insurance. This way I can have peace of mind that my company won’t be liable if there are any accident or injuries on the commercial property.

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