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Pressure Washing

Why You Should Never Pressure Wash Your Roof

Person pressure washing the roof with a high-pressure water washer machine.

Pressure washing your roof may seem like an efficient way to clean it up in a short amount of time. Using powerful jets of water to blast away any mold, mildew, or dirt that dare cling to your roof seems like the right way to approach this job. But is it safe to pressure wash your roof, and could you be doing more harm than good? As tempting as it may be to spray away all that dirt, mold, and gunk, be warned - pressure washing your roof is not only incredibly dangerous, but it can also lead to structural and electrical damage within your home. In this article, we’ll explore several reasons why you should never pressure wash your roof yourself and instead, consider hiring a professional that uses a soft wash technique. This method of cleaning your roof helps kill and remove any algae, moss, mildew, and dirt. It also keeps you safe and minimizes the risk of damage to your home.

Damage to Your Home

The roof over your head may seem like it is sturdy enough to withstand a little pressure washing a few times a year, but don’t be fooled! Sure, your roof was built to protect you and your family from elements like rain, snow, and falling debris, but it’s not made to keep out highly pressurized jets of water. Applying high-pressure water directly to your roof can cause the bonding or adhesive between your roof material to break, damaging the underlying fabric that protects the interior of your home. Spraying pressurized water can also result in cracks or breaks in the ceramic, cement, or slate tiles. If you have a clay or shingle roof, the pressurized water can cause leaks that allow water to leak directly into your home. If you have other features on your roof, such as vents, skylights, or solar panels, applying too much high-pressure water could compromise the seals that keep those features watertight, resulting in a leak.

On the other hand, too little water pressure to clean your roof just creates a dangerous, wet mess and a whole new set of dilemmas. Depending on the type of material covering your roof, it could become very slippery when wet. This increases the potential for a slip-and-fall accident. Regardless of how high your roof is, even a fall from a relatively short distance can result in life-altering injuries. Plus, the minimal water pressure will do little, if anything, to clean your roof. When you factor in the risks, it’s just not worth the effort. In addition, other factors make pressure washing your roof a bad idea.

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Electrical Hazards

Do you know where all of your electrical service panels, overhead wires, and electrical outlets are on the exterior of your home? If not, you may be in for quite a shock - literally! If water finds its way into your electrical panel or any outdoor wires, not only are you in danger of electrocution and electric shock, but the pressurized water can also cause serious damage to your home's electrical system. So, while it may seem like a cheaper and easier alternative to use your pressure washer to clean your roof, the long-term effects could be very costly.

Climbing Hazards

You may have climbed onto your roof once or twice before (which can be very dangerous), but moving around on a wet roof can be a very different story. It’s never advisable to walk around on a wet roof because there is a real danger of falling off. However, when you combine a wet roof with trying to do a job like pressure washing, you may be taking on a lot more than you bargained for. Also, keep in mind that pressure washers that are designed for homeowner use are not intended for use on a roof. Trying to get such a machine onto your roof can be extremely dangerous. You could damage the machine and injure yourself in the process. Even if the machine stays on the ground, moving around your roof with a hose around your feet on a wet, slippery surface is not ideal. And that doesn’t include the number of times you’ll have to go up and down a ladder to reposition your machine. It’s dangerous and difficult work that is best left to professionals.

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A Better, Safer Alternative

The idea of pressure washing your roof is tempting, but it’s also very risky. Sure, you may save a little money in the short term, but the potential hazards to you and your home far outweigh any savings you may realize. And, doing this job yourself could ultimately end up costing you a lot more money.

So, what’s the alternative to damaging your home and risking your safety to have a roof that shines? Window Genie's’ soft wash process is designed to safely and effectively pressure wash your roof and your entire home. With over 20 years of experience, Window Genie understands what it takes to clean even the most difficult surfaces. Our soft wash process will help take the pressure off when it comes to cleaning your roof.

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