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Why You Should Start Cleaning Window Screens Today

Everyone talks about cleaning the windows, but many people have never even thought to ask about cleaning windows screens. When cleaning your kitchen sink at home, you would never turn around and pile a bunch of dirty dishes into that pristine piece of plumbing. What’s the point of cleaning the sink out if you are going to dirty it again right away?

But if you aren’t cleaning window screens when you clean your windows, that’s essentially what you’re doing. Screens need to be cleaned before they’re put back on, otherwise, all of that dust, dirt, pollen, and other grimy particulates will mark up your clean windows right away.

Read on to learn 3 reasons why you should start cleaning window screens today.

1) Rid your home of low-quality indoor air

When you open a window to let a breeze into your home, you need to make sure that your window screens are clean. Imagine if we fitted the ends of our pressure washers with paint-soaked nozzles; we would end up spraying paint all over your home’s exterior, and we would lose a lot of customers. It sounds outlandish, but this is exactly what’s happening every time that the wind blows through your dirty window screens – you end up blasting dirt, pollen, and other allergens into your house. This can irritate the sinuses, trigger asthmatic episodes, and otherwise bother your guests and family members, but a simple window screen cleaning will eliminate the issue.

2) Keep mold growth at bay

Mold in the home can be very serious. Media coverage of toxic black mold and its brain-damaging and lung-scarring effects generated panic among homeowners in the past, and though their fears were exaggerated, mold is still a problem. Black mold or not, any kind of mold will irritate the sinuses and contribute to lower levels of indoor air quality. All mold needs to grow is water and some kind of organic matter, which is exactly what builds up in your dirty window screens. When rain patters off of these dirt, salt, and grime deposits, mold is allowed to grow. Spores may be blowing into your home with every gust of wind!

3) Save money on window cleaning

Cleaning window screens is one small effort that can save you quite a large amount of money in unnecessary window cleanings. If your window screens are currently saturated with dirt and grime, your sparkling-clean windows will be blasted by a muddy jet of water until the skies clear up! When the sun comes up and dries up all the rain, you’ll be left staring outside through streaky, mud-blotched window panes, and be wondering why exactly you booked your professional window cleaning in the first place. Remember – it isn’t rainwater that dirties your windows, it’s the action of rainwater coming into contact with dirty screens!

Quick and Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Convinced that cleaning window screens is important? Follow this simple process for any level of mess.

  • Remove your screens.
  • For very light soiling, a lint brush can come in handy. Roll over each screen on both sides two or three times to remove the loose dust that has accumulated. If this doesn’t do the job, then it’s time to scale up a level!
  • If your screens are simply covered in dust and loose dirt, a vacuum cleaner might be the right tool for the job. Use a soft brush attachment or you will damage the screen. Hook up the attachment, then run it gently over each screen, vacuuming both sides until all dust is gone.
  • If your screens are still not clean, you need to take a professional approach. Visit Window Genie’s Blog to learn more from the experts.

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