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Will Window Tint Make My Windows Really Dark?

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We’re often asked whether or not our window tint will actually TINT residential windows, much like car window tint… and as with most things… the answer is yes and no – it all depends! Helpful, right? Keep reading…

The type of film you choose in your home or office will determine the level of darkness, opacity or reflectivity… so it’s really up to you as the consumer! With such a wide variety on today’s market, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to film. Some are very dark, some obstruct your view (on purpose, when it comes to privacy film), and some are virtually undetectable! The commonality between all types of quality window film is that they SHOULD offer UV protection, heat rejection, glare control and an added level of security. Always be sure to ask your local window tint professional about what benefits their film inventory offers. And don’t forget to ask about warranty!

Also, when speaking with a window film specialist, it’s important to be clear about both your wants and needs with the product to be sure you’re getting exactly what you’re expecting. You should discuss your budget up front to help narrow the choices down as well. There’s typically going to be a range of films from GOOD, to BETTER and BEST:

Good – Your typical “good” window film is what is called a metalized or “dual-reflective” film. This type of window film is composed of microscopic pieces of metal which reflect and bounce heat and glare off a window in the same manner as a mirror. They are safe to apply on most windows because of their reflective properties. This type of window film is highly efficient and will greatly reduce heat and glare which lowers utility bills and creates a better view from the inside looking out. The one caveat with this film is that it lacks the external aesthetics and style most customers want on their homes. Having windows look like mirrors aren’t at the top of most customers’ minds when they think about heat and glare reduction.

Better – The next and most common home window film applied is called a dyed, pigment or hybrid window film. This type of window film uses a special blend of dyes and pigments to absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays. The main reason for its popularity is reduced reflectivity and more natural look from both inside and outside. However, in extremely hot or sunny situations, this type of window film may not be the right choice. This style of window film causes more strain on windows because of the absorbing properties and can cause added stress on your glass. It is also slightly less efficient than a metalized film as the reflective properties from the metalized films do a much better job at rejecting heat and glare as opposed to a dyed film’s absorption of the heat.

Best – Window film technology has come a long way over the past years. Today’s premium window film is made from ceramic and fine metals. Ceramic is one of the most durable and heat absorbent materials available. It is used as the insulator on spacecrafts, power lines and your toilet! Where dyed and pigment window films fall short, ceramic can be the answer. With properties better than metalized window films and unmatched clarity, ceramic home window films are the answer to any shopper who wants all the benefits of what window film can do without the changing your views. Most premium ceramic window films will actually reduce your windows’ natural reflective, enhancing your view.

Once you’re up to speed with the many benefits of film, it’s up to you, the consumer to decide which product to install after determining both WHY you need film, and what your budget is. Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons our clients may consider window film for their home or office:

Thermometer against the background of an blue hot glow of clouds and sun.

Heat – The summer sun’s heat can be brutal. Did you know that windows are the number one cause of heat gain in most of today’s homes? With recent home window film technology, we are able to provide invisible protection for your windows which can reduce up to 67% of the sun’s heat while reducing cooling costs by up to 30%. With an industry leading selection of window film products, we’re able to provide free consultations and samples for even the most extreme situations. Window Genie helps increase comfort for you and your family while your HVAC system gets a break!

White minimalistic room with blank walls and sunlight streaming through windows.
Glare – The second most common reason to apply home window film is to get rid of annoying glare. Glare Control window film was specifically created to reduce glare while enhancing the views from your home windows. Unfortunately, when the sun hits glass it causes refraction and light displacement decreasing your comfort, making the television unwatchable, and destroying your windows’ views. Your home windows are meant to be looked out of and enjoyed, not covered by blinds and drapes just to be able to get some work done on the computer.

carpet mat.

Fading – Also known as the silent destroyer, the sun’s UV rays are on a constant mission to fade your interior furnishings. Don’t be fooled, fading is real and probably happening right now! Most if not all home window films promote 99.9% UV protection. However, what you may not know is how light and heat actually impact how window film controls and reduces fading. Whether it’s a leather couch or beautiful original wood flooring you’re looking to protect, your local Genie is glad to explain the fading chart and walk you through which home window film will be the best for your fading prevention needs.

Broken window.

Security – When the event is natural disaster, vandalism, or accidental damage, you want to know flying debris and broken glass aren’t going to cause injuries or a dangerous mess. Window film helps damaged glass hold together, much like a car windshield. Security window films are designed to protect windows from shattering, keep out the bad guys all while adding an extra level of safety to your glass. Window Genie offers a wide range of security window films from clear to shaded and custom designs.

decorative window film.

Decoration & Privacy – Decorative window film is rising in popularity. Stained, privacy or etched glass can be very expensive. Decorative window film is a very cost-effective way to add privacy and style to your windows while delivering on the above additional perks. For example, installing frosted film on a ground-floor bathroom window allows for complete privacy without sacrificing the inflow of natural light with blinds or curtains. With hundreds of styles and designs to choose, Window Genie can source and apply the right window film for your home and office.


Decorative film is going to (obviously) be the film that could make your home look the most “unique.” While most film is virtually clear, there are plenty of applications for etched, frosted, patterned and colored films. Whether it’s interior windows in an office space or your ground floor bathroom, privacy without losing light is achieved instantly with decorative film.


Another great example of achieving privacy is through a more reflective film. While a mirror-like finish might not be for everyone, it’s certainly an option. During the daytime, no one can see in whatsoever – but if you were inside this home, you’d be able to see OUT just fine.

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