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Window Cleaning Industry Statistics for 2024: The Industry Now & Looking Ahead

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The window cleaning industry is an unsung hero in a world that continually strives for clarity, cleanliness, and environmental consciousness. Window cleaning companies meticulously clean the glass on our homes, offices, and public buildings to keep these structures clean, clear, and functional.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped many industries, yet the resilience of window-washing businesses shines through, reflecting an adaptability that mirrors the surfaces they maintain. With an impressive bounce-back and future growth projections, the window cleaning industry’s evolution is one to watch closely.

Window Genie’s professional window cleaning services are perfect for homes, businesses, and more. Our industry is growing in demand, and we’re already looking ahead. Learn more about the future of window cleaning below.

Window Cleaning Industry Overview: 2024

The window-washing industry plays a critical role in maintaining the cleanliness of commercial and residential buildings. Since the window cleaning industry operates in both the residential and commercial markets, many businesses didn’t have to worry about slowing down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the overall industry revenue declined 5.2% in 2020, residential window washing grew in demand.

According to Allied Market Research, the global cleaning services market size was valued at $55,715.0 million in 2020 and is projected to surpass double that amount by 2030 at $111,498.8.

Window Cleaning Industry Statistics

To meet the increasing demand for industrial and residential cleaning services in the future, companies within the industry will have to create more employment opportunities. According to recent research, the window-washing industry employs over 100,000 individuals in the United States alone, while the global market size hovers around an estimated $2 billion– and that number is expected to grow.

Recent projections suggest that the window cleaning industry is expected to grow by an impressive 13% between 2020 and 2028 alone. This growth will likely benefit the job market and consumers by creating more employment opportunities and fueling competition between big players in the industry.

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Popular Trends in the Window Washing Industry

As the window cleaning industry continues to grow and evolve, new trends and advancements begin to emerge.

For instance, companies are increasingly adopting environmentally conscious cleaning methods, using biodegradable cleaning solutions, and reducing water consumption to minimize their ecological impact.

The window cleaning industry is also beginning to recognize the risks of cleaning tall buildings and contribute to a concerted effort to improve worker safety. Companies are starting to invest in training programs and safety equipment while adhering to strict safety regulations to protect their workforce and maintain a positive reputation.

Companies are incorporating automated systems and robotics to improve efficiency and safety during high-rise window cleaning. Some organizations are testing drones with specialized cleaning tools to reach challenging and tall structures.

Looking Ahead

When looking ahead to what the future holds for the window cleaning industry in 2024 and beyond, we see a rise in residential cleaning services, likely due to a competitive housing market and rising home values.

For instance, 80% of households will likely use residential cleaning services in 2024. Residential window cleaning is a vital part of the cleaning industry, and as more homes hit the market, it will play an integral role in increasing the profitability of the real estate industry as well.

Housing prices are projected to increase by 5.5% over the next year. Residential window cleaning provides curb appeal and preserves the value of these homes, making the service indispensable to real estate companies. Consumers will likely seek out ways to protect their investments more thoroughly.

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