Window Cleaning Safety Tips

Who thinks window cleaning was a carefree way to spend an afternoon? Before climbing up that ladder with a bucket full of soapy water, you should think safety first. Here are some tips to achieve expert window cleaning, while being safe.

Things to Consider

The Weather

Think about the weather. If it is rainy, windy or extremely hot, it is not a good time to clean your windows. Check the ground. If it has just rained, the ground below the windows may be slippery. See if the ground is sturdy enough to handle the ladder with the weight of the cleaner.

The Tools

Make sure you have the right tools for some expert window cleaning.
•    Bucket: this should be sturdy, with a good grip on the handle.Don’t fill it to the top! Try half or ¼ full of soapy water.
•    Squeegee: check for good quality, they are easy to find in stores. The strong ones have a metal frame with rubber blade.
•    Cleaning detergent: check to make sure it is good to use on windows, you don’t want streaks. We recommend just a bit of dishwashing liquid.
•    Sponges/scrubber: make sure they are easy to grip. Get a sponge you can hang on to. Scrubbers are sponges with long handles to help you scrub windows.
•    Rags: must be clean and absorbent. They are used to wipe drips and dry windows when you are done washing. They can strategically be placed in the tool belt. We recommend microfiber as they leave a lint-free, streak-free shine.
•    Ladder: check the ladder to see if it’s in good repair and holds your weight. Make sure you have three points of contact at all times while on it, and reposition it after each window to prevent over-reaching. You can look into additional ladder accessories such as ladder mitts and stabilizers.

The Tips

Make sure you have some sort of protection if there is a fall. If you have a cell phone, have it on you. It’s good to have an emergency plan, and let someone know you are doing your windows. Ideally you should be doing this with a partner, never alone.

If you are not doing them yourself, make sure whoever is doing the cleaning has some experience and training. Take breaks, especially when using a ladder. It is recommended to take a break after being on the ladder for 30 minutes. You can also have someone hold the ladder. Try not to clean in the direct sun, the soap and water will dry too quickly and you will have smears, drips and dried soap on the windows.

When to Call a Professional

Look at the height of the window you will be cleaning. If it is over a story high, it could be better to call a window cleaning service. If you have many large windows, it may be a good idea to call a company to help. You don’t want to take unnecessary risks, and an expert window cleaning service will be able to offer you advice when you need it.

So now that you are a little more aware of the safe ways of getting expert window cleaning, you can go and enjoy yourself. Enjoy the beautiful view!

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10 thoughts on “Window Cleaning Safety Tips”

  1. My upper windows are dirty and I need to get them cleaned. Thanks for the information about how if the window is over a story high you should consider getting it professionally cleaned, so that you don’t have to take any unnecessary risk. When looking for a professional service it would be best to get one that is local, since local services are often more reliable.

  2. I like that you talked about using a squeegee. It does seem like a good idea to have a professional clean your windows. I wouldn’t want to keep recleaning my windows because I couldn’t get the streak free.

  3. I can’t imagine how many people have injured themselves by cleaning windows over a story high. Just remember that even though you’re taking all the steps to maintain safety, it’s always possible to get injured. It’s one of the reasons why I believe the best way to avoid getting hurt is to just hire professional window cleaning company.

  4. Honestly, I never think about cleaning my windows, but I certainly should. I remember seeing my father going outside and standing on a really tall ladder cleaning windows. (Our house was up high to protect against flooding) Definitely good advice about taking breaks. My dad would end up spending too much time on ladders and exhaust himself. Also, who doesn’t want to take a break and cool off for a bit?

  5. I hire professionals to do the window cleaning job. Sometimes during Autumn, I think that I’ll try my own but be knowing about the circumstances I back myself from the job. Anyways, liked reading your post thanks for the suggestions.

  6. I appreciate your comments on hiring a professional window cleaner if the windows are more than a story high. My husband always wants to do everything by himself, but this seems like it could be dangerous for him to clean our upper levels. We will have to find a good window cleaning company in our area to help him out.

  7. I like the idea to always have a cell phone on you when cleaning windows as a form of protection if you fall. My home really needs the windows cleaned before I have family over for a reunion party. Since I’m always at work, I’ll be sure to find a professional cleaning service that protects themselves by always having a cell phone on them and uses proper safety equipment.

  8. Recently I have been thinking about getting all my windows cleaned and I wanted to get a company to do it so I don’t have to. I really appreciated how this article talked about thinking about the weather. This is something that would be really important so it doesn’t rain the day after you get windows cleaned.

  9. I really appreciate your tip to try and find a window cleaner who has the right training. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new house, and we are concerned that we won’t be able to clean the big front windows that are in our living room. I will be sure to find a cleaner who has a lot of experience!

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