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Window Cleaning Service – An Investment, Not an Expense

For some people, the idea that window cleaning services are an investment rather than an expense may sound like nonsense, but don’t dismiss it just yet! Though the real concrete money-saving value comes from Window Genie’s high-security and energy-efficient window tints and films, our professional window cleaning service does put money in your pocket, too. Read on to learn why commercial and residential window cleaning should be treated as a smart investment rather than an unnecessary expense.

Residential window cleaning is the key to maximizing your curb appeal.

Whether you are poised to enter into the real estate market for the first time or are a professional house flipper, Window Genie’s professional window cleaning services should be part of your sales strategy. Realtors have known about the influence that great-looking windows have had on prospective buyers for years now. A well-windowed property offers several benefits that buyers appreciate; natural light and invigorating views are important for homeowners and employers alike. Since buyers are already going to be seeking out windowed frontage on their homes or office buildings, investing in our professional window cleaning services pays off!

Our window cleaning services will send your curb appeal through the roof. This can add dollars to your closing sale price when putting a property on the market, and also attract passersby who might not have otherwise visited that fateful open house you were hosting. If you work from home and occasionally have clients or prospective partners visit, the striking effect of our residential window cleaning could help set you up for a great first impression. You will also likely have some house guests coming by this summer as barbecue and patio season sets in, and you will want to clean away the fingerprints, dust, and grime that build up over time so that your windows are as clean as the rest of your home.

For business owners, window cleaning services are crucial. Clients who arrive at your office to see dirty windows will have a different mind frame when meeting you than those who arrive to see a pristine property. Attention to detail is crucial in business relationships, and potential clients will be mindful of the smallest of details. Make your windows as impressive as you are with our professional window cleaning services.

Reduce weathering and minimize the need for repairs and replacements.

Window Genie’s commercial and residential window cleaning services strip away all traces of harmful contaminants that may damage and wear out your windows over time. Our unique 3-step cleaning process scrubs washes and squeegees your window clean of all saps, salts, organic waste, and dried soap suds that eat away at the integrity of your window panes over time. It only makes sense to look at your commercial or residential window cleaning as an investment when you realize that you are minimizing the chances of wear and tear that can lead to costly replacements. You can compare our professional window cleaning services to a tune-up on your car.

The Window Genie investment bonus.

By choosing Window Genie, you get access to highly-trained, professionally-equipped, and fully-insured cleaners who use an unparalleled cleaning technique that you won’t find for free anywhere else. Our three-step process removes stuck-on grime that standard two-step window cleaning services can’t.

In addition to our unparalleled cleaning services, we also offer the fairest price you’ll find. With our Window Care program, you can save up to 30% off of your window cleaning costs. Call us to learn how it works, and you’ll quickly see why Window Genie’s professional window cleaning services are a great investment. Additionally, we count windows fairly and transparently. You can see exactly how we do it here!

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