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We've talked about the benefits of window film or window tint, but what most don't realize is how incredibly effective it is when used for security purposes. Yes, window film helps reduce the sun's effect on your interior furnishings and will cut your energy use and utility bills, but when put to the test recently, we've seen window film act as a solid defense against intruders!

In Cincinnati and Des Moines, two commercial businesses that had Window Genie install security film experienced attempted break-ins recently.

In Des Moines, the store front's windows were hit with a cinder block repeatedly before the intruder gave up and left. In Cincinnati, the store front door was hit with a brick until the alarm went off and the intruders took off. Window film and a security system go together like peanut butter and jelly!

In both cases the window film acted as it was designed to; the glass was much stronger... making it difficult to break at all. In both cases, the intruders were not able to get through the glass as when it cracked, the window film held the shards together much like a car windshield.

Both customers are completely satisfied given nothing was stolen. They have since had their glass replaced and re-filmed. Talk about a return on your investment! Each store had the potential to lose extreme amounts of merchandise and money, had they been robbed. Window film to the rescue!

Attempted Break-In in Cincinnati

Attempted break-in in Cincinnati.

Another great example of using window film for security or privacy is in Fort Worth, Texas. A local elementary school had Window Genie of Fort Worth install privacy film on their cafeteria windows that looked out onto a public sidewalk and street. The school hoped to increase privacy for the kids and staff without having to install blinds or anything that would decrease natural light and a view to the outside. The school chose to install film to protect the children's privacy from passersby and thus enhance security as no one would ever know if the cafeteria was full or empty.

Window film is such an incredible product because it does serve a purpose for just about anyone. Its versatility gives it purpose in every home and business. If you're looking to cut down on glare, reduce energy consumption, lower your utility bills, protect your hardwood floors and furniture, or add to the privacy and security of your home or office, call Window Genie! Find your local Genie on our locator map here.

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