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Window Genie: Best Franchise Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs

What makes Window Genie a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs today?

Window Genie.
Window Genie has been experiencing record growth this year. We’re all about creating opportunities for determined entrepreneurs who are looking to take control of their own success and be their own boss. Window Genie has proved to be a fantastic option for entrepreneurs today, especially young entrepreneurs. For example, we recently awarded a franchise to Matthew Johnson of Kansas City, MO. He’s just 27 years old, our youngest franchise partner ever! About buying a Window Genie franchise, Matthew said, “I knew as a first-time business owner that franchising was the best option for me. I was looking to join a system that would offer someone like me exceptional support. I’m also looking to continue to grow and build something I can have for years to come.” Although most of our owners are young at heart, young means 35 years old or younger in this case. About 20% of Window Genie’s franchise owners either are or were under 35 when they purchased their business. What is it about Window Genie that has young entrepreneurs excited?

Window Genie was recently featured in the October 3rd issue of USA Today in an article titled Franchisors Target Young, Ambitious Franchisees. In it, Window Genie Founder and CEO, Rik Nonelle explains why franchising in general is a good option for young people, “Young people today are facing a tough job market with limited opportunities to reach their full potential. Owning a franchise offers those in their 20s and 30s a chance to take control and determine their own success. Instead of an entry-level job working for ‘the man’ they can start at the top as their own boss.”

Rik knows firsthand what it’s like to start a business young; he started Window Genie in Cincinnati, OH as a local window cleaning business when he was only 29. In the USA Today article he also says, “What we love about young entrepreneurs is that they keep an open mind, accept guidance and have the energy and drive to make things happen. We’re a great fit for young franchisees because we’re affordable and our owners can work from home, which requires a lower initial investment and allows our franchise owners to focus on growing their business.”

As we continue to grow, Window Genie encourages young entrepreneurs to learn about the Window Genie opportunity. Owning a Window Genie franchise allows for long-term sustainable growth; our franchise agreement defines a term as 10 years in business. Window Genie has always been committed to maintaining a strong, reliable, supportive system for franchisees to follow. Window Genie was ranked #44 overall for franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review. We were ranked #4 in our category (mid-size franchise). We strive for longevity in the business, and to deliver the happiness and success factors our owners were seeking when they decided to purchase a franchise.

To learn more about how to BE YOUR BOSS visit the Window Genie online virtual brochure at Neighborly Window Genie Franchising.

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