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Window Genie Boosts Curb Appeal

Are you considering selling your home? You’re in luck, as spring weather typically warms up the real estate market. However, if you’re planning on riding this wave of buyer interest with any success, you need to realize that you are not the only strategic seller out there. Like you, many homeowners interested in selling their property have been eyeing the spring rush. If you want to stand out in crowded listings and streets bristled with “for sale” signs, you will need to go the extra mile.

One of the best ways to draw buyers’ eyes to your home is to boost its curb appeal. This can mean a variety of things depending on the condition of your particular property. Clean gutters, sparkling windows, and healthy lawns can all make quite a difference for passersby and listing browsers.

Unfortunately, waiting for spring can be a bit of a double-edged sword; though you benefit from a hot realty market, you also get inherently busier as spring cleaning chores start to crowd your to-do list. This can make it difficult to find the time you need to polish up your property. Time constraints aside, it can be tough to find the energy for a labor-intensive chore after a long day.

If you are looking to boost your curb appeal but wondering how you are going to find the time and energy, Window Genie can help! Read on to learn 2 ways how.

Commercial pressure washing services for stunning siding.

All homes get a little dirty over time. This is only natural, as wind, rain, and snow blast your home’s exterior with dirt, bugs, salt, and sap year-round. Though this is an unfortunate reality, Window Genie can help you turn this constant cleaning requirement into a positive!

Since all home siding becomes stained and dirty over time, a freshly cleaned home really stands out. If you want to make your home pop next to its competitors in realty listings and sidewalk showcases, a Window Genie house washing is what you need.

Window Genie’s field technicians have been pressure washing houses for decades. Anybody who has rented a pressure washer before knows that there is more to pressure washing vinyl siding than simply pointing and pulling the trigger. Inexperienced handlers will often apply too much pressure or linger in the same spot, wearing away at the surface they are cleaning or carving jet-stream lines into the sides of their house. With high-quality equipment and industry-leading training, our experts can give you stunning results with a deep clean that keeps the integrity of your walls safe. Clean soiled vinyl siding and give it a glossy finish that will wow prospective buyers and increase the longevity of your home.

Keep your lawn healthy with clean gutters.

The link between your lawn and your gutters may be hard to grasp at first glance, but it is quite common to see clogged or broken gutters lining homes with ruined lawns. The connection between torn-up and muddy lawns and clogged gutters can be explained quite easily. Clogged gutters cause overflows. Imagine the effect that constantly running a garden hose on your lawn would have – this is what happens when your gutters remain clogged. All the mowing, trimming, and grooming in the world can’t help a water-logged lawn or garden, and a sloppy yard kills your curb appeal.

Window Genie can help. Don’t spend money on new tools and then burn an entire day grinding out clean gutters. Instead, use that money to schedule a Window Genie clean and have your gutter wishes granted. We will have your gutters working as if they were brand new, and your lawn will thank you for it!

It’s easy to see how Window Genie can add dollars to your real estate sale success story. Our top-of-the-line gutter cleaning and commercial pressure washing services will distinguish you from your competition, and these services are even cheaper when bundled into our window cleaning packages. Call Window Genie today for a free quote!

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