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Window Genie Concrete Sealing with ChemTec ONE

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Although fairly maintenance free as compared to other surfaces, concrete still can become very dirty, discolored or damaged by salt, snow, acid rain, moisture and extreme temperatures. Window Genie’s professional pressure washing service will quickly whisk away stains, but without a good sealer… they’ll return in time. What good are our pressure washing services if your concrete just becomes dirty again in a few months!? Hey, we’re happy to come out to your home multiple times a year to keep your driveway looking fresh… but there’s going be a better way to keep dirt and mold OUT of your concrete for good! We’re in the business of improving the look and value of your home, so we’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all about sealing your concrete and brick!

Investing in a good sealer WILL save you money! Surfaces like concrete and brick are kept at their best when sealed with a high end sealer… our favourite is ChemTec ONE!

With equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly seal concrete and brick surfaces, Window Genie’s concrete sealing service can make dramatic improvements to the appearance of your concrete driveway and concrete sidewalk. With our unique, lifetime concrete sealers which penetrate your existing concrete, you can protect it from the damaging elements and form a barrier that keeps even oil from penetrating. Window Genie’s concrete cleaning service and concrete sealing is the answer to your dirty concrete needs. Concrete sealing by Window Genie uses equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly seal concrete and brick surfaces, Window Genie can make dramatic improvements to the appearance of your driveway and sidewalk with our concrete sealing application.

Chem-Tec One, which is actually a “preservative and densifier”, is actually like adding liquid concrete to your existing driveway or sidewalk. Once added to the concrete, the “sealer”, which is the same consistency as water, penetrates deeply into the substrate. There it begins a chemical reaction with the calcium and lime that exists in the concrete. As it reacts, it forms a gel that over time will harden and permanently fill the pores of the concrete. In addition, as it hardens, it pushes out contaminants such as oil and salt that lie within the concrete. This process takes about 30 days and the old salt or oil are then washed away with rain or snow.

Compared to the cheap stuff on store shelves which are silicone-based and are nothing but surface sealers that wear off quickly, ChemTec One, as a concrete sealer, is a permanent product. Once applied, especially with our 2-coat application, it never has to be reapplied. So not only is it significantly more effective, but it is more cost-effective in the long run.

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