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Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Woman opening curtains on a big, bright window with blinds.

Window treatments are not only a stylish addition to any home, but they can help you save money by improving the energy efficiency of your windows and/or doors. Depending on where you live, your needs may vary from better insulation to reducing glare. However, no matter where you live, your sliding glass door needs window treatment too. Here are some of our favorite window treatments for sliding glass doors.

Vertical Cellular Shades

This type of window treatment is excellent for energy efficiency. These shades work well for both very hot and/or very cold climates. Don’t worry about these shades disrupting your home’s aesthetic, either, as they stack tightly when fully open and won’t block your view or take up much space. There are different styles and colors of fabric you can choose from depending on your goals.

Vertical Privacy Sheers

This window treatment option for sliding glass doors combines the functionality of vertical blinds with the classic style of draperies. You’ve likely encountered vertical privacy sheers at least once in your life, given their popularity. And for good reason—privacy sheers provide the privacy and light control expected from a window treatment while still providing the option for an unobstructed view. Most privacy sheers can be fully opened, like vertical cellular shades (mentioned above), and stack tightly on either side of your door. One aspect of privacy sheers to consider is that they do not do much to improve insulation or energy efficiency, so keep this in mind when choosing a window treatment.

Window Tinting

An alternative to shades or vertical sheers, window tinting accomplishes many goals set by homeowners in one fell swoop. Window film is energy efficient, provides privacy, reduces glare from the sun, and can help prevent fading on artwork, carpet, and other furniture. There is no need to install additional hardware with this option like you would with other window treatments. And what’s more, window film will never affect your view or change the way you clean your windows.


Enter arguably the most classic window treatment option: curtains. Drapery comes in all shapes and sizes, ensuring you’ll find a style to fit your home’s aesthetic. Simply installing a drapery rod above your sliding glass door hardware is the only alteration you’ll need to make. Curtains are a great solution for homeowners looking for privacy, light control, and insulation. They are a little bulkier than some of the other window treatment options we’ve discussed already, so that is something to consider as you navigate your decision.

Keep All Your Windows Looking Good

Regardless of which window treatment you choose the local pros at Window Genie can help keep them all looking good, both inside and out. We can also tint your sliding glass doors to help reduce glare and minimize heat transfer, which can keep your home cooler during the summer. And we do more than windows. To learn about the other services we offer, call or request an estimate online today.

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