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Windows for the Bird Watcher

Bird watching is a fun activity for all ages. It is something that can be done whether you are in a house, apartment, or even garage. All you need are windows and birdseed, right? If you place food, water, and shelter near well-prepared windows, birds will feel safe and you will encourage a variety to come. Let’s see what else goes into bird watching and how big a role windows play in this entertaining activity.

Bird Watching Safety

It is important to note you want to safely attract birds to your windows. Do this by placing feeders near the windows where you wish to watch. There are ways to enjoy this pastime and make it safe for your feathered friends.

Remember, the closer the birds are to the window, the safer for them. They naturally slow down to land, so if you have to food close to the window, the chance of hitting the window at a dangerous speed is low.

You can place silhouettes or stickers on your windows to help keep the birds from the windows, but they might make the birds stay away from the feeder. You can also place branches in front of windows, spray on snow, and even metal balloons or feathers.

The Strategy of Window and Feeder Placement

Place the feeders at windows that are away from busy traffic, noise, and hustling. This goes for the inside of the house as well. You want a relaxed, quiet area for the birds to feel safe. Find a window that sits at a comfortable height for you as well, whether it is sitting, standing, or even reclining. Bird-watching should be enjoyable.

Whichever window you choose, it should be accessible from both inside and outside. This is to easily keep them clean so you can see birds’ details, as well as fill the bird feeders with little trouble. A residential window cleaning company may be helpful in this situation if your windows are in hard-to-reach places, or your feeders are attached to the windows. Let experience take care of those tricky situations.

Window Options

You want a window you can see out of, but also shields you from the birds seeing all movement inside. This can be possible by using a sheer material for a curtain on your bird-watching windows. Birds won’t be able to see in, but you can see out. Some interior blinds or shutters will block out most of the birds’ view but still allow you to see them.

If you want to have a clear view of the birds, there is a type of film you can put on your window that turns it into an opaque, one-way mirror. You will be able to watch as much as you want, and won’t disturb the birds at all.

There is also the option of getting your windows tinted. Not only does the tint block UV rays, and sun, it can allow you to watch birds slightly hidden.

It may be worth getting a residential window cleaning company to apply the tint if they are qualified, or they may know of an expert that is. You wouldn’t want to have to re-do the tint if a do-it-yourself attempt didn’t go well.

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