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Windows for the Pet Owner

If you are a pet owner, you know how important windows are to the happiness of your curious pet. Fido wants to keep an eye on the mailman while Fluffy catches some rays. We’ve shared some tips and information on pets, window cleaning, and cleaning glass that’s safe and productive for the whole family.

Safe, Easy to Clean Window Styles

Swing and Clean Windows: These windows are “thermal-efficient.” There is an “easy-grip” sash lock that allows the window to swing in. Designed only to open so far, it is energy efficient and aesthetically appealing on the interior. Swing and Clean windows were designed to be low-maintenance, with no sash removal necessary to clean the outside of the window.

Double Hung, Energy Swing Windows: Energy efficient, filled with argon, and easy to clean, these windows always come with a warranty. Their design allows them to swing inwards, and you can clean them at eye level. You don’t have to move sashes or curtains; you simply push two buttons to swing the window in. It is weightless and both the top and bottom have ventilation capabilities Also, the top and bottom can swing to easily clean inside and outside.

Marvin Windows: They are easy to clean. One style is the retractable sliding screen, where you can easily slide the screen to the side to clean the window. You can also rotate the window to clean both inside and outside. The screen can be pulled in, and the window pushed out on a friction arm so it stays where you want it.

Avoid Broken Windows

With a bunch of furry friends running and playing around the house, the time will come when one bangs against a window. Are you worried about broken windows and what can happen to your pet?

There are windows available that have glass designed to withstand shattering. This “shatterproof” glass is a laminated glass made from plastic or resin materials that are placed between two glass sheets.

Films are also available to be placed on your windows. They can be scratch-resistant and maintenance-free as well as shatterproof. These films hold the shattered pieces together, reducing the chance of sharp glass all over floors or your pet. They prevent scratches and punctures too.

Shatterproof and scratch-proof films can provide some insulation for your home and pets by keeping the cold air out and warm air in.

Glass Cleaning with Pets

All dogs and cats love looking out the windows into their yards and the world beyond. Here are some tips about cleaning glass and windows in a home with pets.

Professional window cleaning companies should know what cleaners are good or bad for pets and will have options. Lemon juice or vinegar are easy, natural alternatives to chemicals. It is a good idea to let the company know you have pets in the home before the cleaners arrive.

Avoid anything with ammonia or bleach. You often find these in all-purpose, tile and glass cleaners. Ammonia affects the pet’s mucus membranes and bleach severely irritates the pet’s respiratory system. Formaldehyde is also bad for pets, and you can find it in some cleaners as well.

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