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Wintertime Window Film

Wintertime window time

There are plenty of effective ways to winterize your windows and diminish the draft… but most of these are either temporary fixes, or significantly obstruct your view. So what if you could find a solution that works year-round, improves energy efficiency, and is undetectable?

Window film, or window tint, boasts a number of benefits that can improve your daily life – whether it’s snowing in January or the sun’s shining bright in July!

The top benefits of wintertime window film include…

1. Solar Heat and UV Ray Deflection

It seems odd to list heat deflection as a “benefit” for wintertime… but while window film is deflecting the sun’s rays, it’s also working to insulate your windows so heat stays indoors. Any heat gain you’d experience from the sun is typically cancelled out by a drafty window anyhow… so installing solar film to insulate your home will save you BIG TIME on your winter utility bills. Stay warm for less! Also, by deflecting the sun you’re protecting your furnishings and skin from harmful UV rays that can do major damage during the wintertime – something we oftentimes forget about when it’s so cold out… is the sun’s rays!

2. Reduce Glare

Especially if there’s a bright white blanket of snow on the ground, the sun’s glare is unbearable in the wintertime – snow blindness anyone? Glare is a huge pain, and one of the major reasons people have window film installed in their homes. When the sun hits glass it causes refraction and light displacement decreasing your comfort, making the television unwatchable, and destroying your windows’ views. Your home windows are meant to be looked out of and enjoyed, not covered by blinds and drapes just to be able to get some work done on the computer. To escape from the sun, closing blinds and curtains only darkens the room… adding to your winter blues.

3. Decorative/Privacy

Decorative film

During wintertime it’s getting dark in some parts of the country as early as 4:00 p.m. – there’s really no way to have privacy through your windows at nighttime with your home’s lights on – so installing frosted, translucent or patterned film on a ground floor bathroom window, or kitchen sliding glass door can do a lot to add privacy while still providing the same benefits of window film like glare control and increased efficiency.

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