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Wish Away Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List

An excited women cleaning the glass.

Spring is here!

Unfortunately, spring cleaning to-do lists mean much more than simply a few days spent sweating when all you want to do is enjoy the warm weather. Many home owners lack the tools and skills needed to get their home up to snuff after a heavy winter, and others simply don’t have the time. Before you run out and blow your family savings on new ladders, gloves, and equipment rental fees, consider having the Window Genie team grant your spring cleaning wishes. Window Genie is offering some incredible time and money-saving services that home owners will not want to miss when the spring rolls around. Don’t risk damaging your home or wasting away your free time; contact Window Genie cleaning and home maintenance professionals for a quick, high-quality, and fully insured clean that will free up your time for fun, or to tackle more personal indoor organizing duties!

Wish for a world-class window washing.

A window genie staff cleaning the window.

Window Genie window cleaning elevates the industry standard and will have your home glimmering from every glass surface in no time. Window Genie offers both interior and exterior window cleaning at no risk to you, with each Window Genie worker being specially trained to keep your home safe from the inside out. All cleaning products are home-safe, biodegradable and do not contain any ammonia that would put your furniture, flooring, pets or family at risk. Our 3-step window cleaning process outperforms any service you will find in the industry.

Consider the wisdom (or lack thereof) involved in buying your own ladder, squeegee, and cleaning solutions to waste a day on a tough and imperfect clean. Instead, put that money towards a stunning professional window cleaning and direct your energy elsewhere. It is spring cleaning, after all – there is plenty to keep you busy!

Don’t forget to ask about our Window Care program; we want to reward customers for keeping their homes clean year-round! We offer discounts based on frequency of service… so call your local Genie and set up a recurring window cleaning schedule for significant savings.

Wish for a professional pressure wash.

A professional pressure washing.

The thawing snow may have left some mildew or algae on your home’s siding, and salt can wreak havoc on a concrete driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor. Of course, your deck has taken a pounding all winter holding up heavy snow fall. All three of these problems can be solved with a Window Genie pressure wash, which not only leaves a sterling clean but also increases material longevity. Pressure washing is fast, affordable, and effective.

Home owners thinking of renting equipment to do it themselves should be advised: amateur use of a pressure washer not only puts you at risk, but can seriously damage your deck surfaces and home siding. Using the wrong tools or water pressure can strip paint and damage wood surfaces. Save the time and effort of a rental, transport, dangerous learning curve, and return process. Make one call to Window Genie today, and we will grant your professional pressure washing wishes! Most home owners are surprised when they complete their free estimate, with the cost typically being much less than your rental, gas, and lost work day.

Don’t forget about your gutters!

Uncleaned gutters.

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring a world of trouble if your gutters are clogged. Prepare for spring with a professional gutter cleaning. Some of the top reasons you should have your gutters cleaned out ASAP are:

Gutters are one of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance. It’s easy to forget a part of your home you cannot easily see or access. Problems arise silently and you’re usually unaware until it’s too late! Yikes!

Water cannot properly flow from a clogged gutter. Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Birds and mice are also known to make themselves at home in a clogged gutter!

Water that cannot drain properly WILL find a way out of the gutter eventually. This usually means the water seeps into your roof, siding, fascia board or foundation. Over time this causes significant damage including excessive mold, cracking, rusting and rotting.

A rotten house is not a happy house! Your gutters will begin to distance themselves… literally! Gutters are typically installed with a nail. Over time, weather causes this nail to expand and contract. The hole the nail rests in has now expanded. When the nail contracts again, it comes loose and slips out, bringing the gutter with it. The gutter could break free from the roof taking siding, paint, shingles or landscaping down with it.

Cleaning your own gutters is DANGEROUS! According to the National Safety Council, falls are the #1 cause of accidental death and injury at home.Falls cause over 6,500 deaths each year and over TWO MILLION hospital-related injuries every year.

And check out our spring cleaning checklist printable!

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