Cleaning Windows in Freezing Temps

Windows get dirty year round. For a large part of the country this makes it very difficult to clean them three months out of the year. The most frustrating thing about this is that winter is generally the time of year when windows can get the dirtiest. Melting snow dragging dirt and debris onto windows and the helpful yet annoying salt that seems to cover everything.

What makes cleaning windows in the winter so difficult is obviously sub-freezing temperatures. Water freezing before it can be squeegeed off is infuriating. Warm water is huge no-no because it can cause your glass to crack. So what can you do? We have a simple formula that will make cleaning your windows in freezing temperatures just as easy as cleaning them on a spring day.

Supplies needed

  • 16oz of rubbing alcohol
  • 16oz of water
  • A dash of your favorite dish-washing liquid
  • A sponge or spray bottle
  • A squeegee (recommended)
  • A micro fiber towel (recommended)

Simply mix one-part alcohol, to one-part water, and a few drops of dish washing liquid and you’re good to go! Of course, scale the amount of solution you make to the number of windows you’re cleaning. Spray it onto your windows, or use a sponge. Alcohol will keep the water from freezing while you clean. Another tip to consider is using a couple of our favorite tools for a streak free finish. We recommend to use squeegees for the glass, and microfiber towels to wipe your edges and catch any drips.

If you choose to try it yourself, please be safe. If it’s something you’re unable to do or just don’t want to call Window Genie! Each location is locally owned and operated, eager to help you improve the look and value of your home. Visit our window cleaning services page or call our toll free number for a free estimate today!

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