Garage Windows-Is It Worth The Tint?

When you decide to add a residential window tint to your home, keep in mind one of the most used, but least thought about, places -the garage. Whether you use your garage for storage or for somewhere to hang out, you will want to be able to fully enjoy the area and this includes windows. You can control the amount of privacy and sunlight in your garage.

Why Tint Garage Windows?

Most people tint their garage windows for privacy. Though they don’t want random people looking in, residents still want to be able to see outside and have some sunlight come in. Tinting is an easy option to having curtains, blinds, shades or other types of window coverings that would be difficult to have in a garage. Tinted windows are easy to clean.

Types of Coverage

Security or Safety film: These are clear films made from laminated polyester that has been bonded to glass. These films make the window stronger, and withstand a certain amount of breakage as it lowers the instances of “break-ins” or some type of accident.

Solar Control: This type of glass coverage controls different issues involving the sun. Solar control glass reduces glare, controls heat and energy costs, reduces fading and has an element of shatter resistance. 

Decorative: This type of coverage is simply for looks, and in a dazzling way, privacy. It comes as frosted, coloured, blacked out or etched.

What Are The Benefits?


  • There are many benefits to having a residential window tint done on your garage windows.
  • Privacy- people from the street don’t have to see what your new bike looks like, or what you received for Christmas.
  • It adds character to a place in your home that otherwise can be very bland and boring.
  • Reduces glare- if you are one of those people who works on projects or watches T.V. in your garage, a tint will cut the sun’s glare and UV rays from bothering you.
  • Saves energy- most windows are a source of heat loss or gain in the house. A residential window tint reduces this issue.
  • Fade protection- a tint will keep your carpet, furniture or other garage items from having their colors fade.
  • Safety/ protection- having garage windows tinted adds some protection against theft as the film controls the amount of shattered glass if the window is broken.


Residential window tint should have little effect on house plants in the garage. Growth rates may slow down, and flowering may halt until the plants adjust to the change of light. Some plants may even thrive in the filtered sunlight. 

If you want to prep your plants for the change, simply bring the plant into a slightly darker room for a couple days before the tint is applied.

So is tinting your garage windows worth it? Think about your home and your lifestyle, there are many benefits of tinted windows. It may even make you enjoy your garage that much more!

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2 thoughts on “Garage Windows-Is It Worth The Tint?”

  1. Does tinting house windows that don’t see the sun worth it? Does it still reduce heat in the home?

    1. There are many benefits to window film beyond heat rejection. If heat is your only concern, I’d say it’s not worth it. However, there are benefits for privacy and security as well. If you want to learn more, look for a Window Genie location in your area and they’ll provide samples and an estimate if you’re interested.

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