Home and Eco-Friendly Reasons People Are Pressure Washing Their Houses

Pressure washing houses has become increasingly popular among homeowners looking to restore their properties to their former beauty. However, did you know that pressure washing houses is actually good for the environment? This surprises people who falsely associate professional pressure washing services with the wasteful practice of spraying sidewalks clean when you don’t want to sweep.

Don’t believe it? Read on to learn 5 home and eco-friendly reasons people are pressure washing their houses more often these days!

         Pressure washing houses cuts down on the lumber demand on our depleted forests. Pressure washing wood is one of the best ways to maintain the surface. Corrosive contaminants are blasted away, along with any insect eggs, mold spores, or stains, which keeps the wood in shape for years to come. In doing so, you add years of life to your wooden decks, doorways, accent features, and siding, avoiding the need for financially and environmentally-costly replacements! Let’s be very conservative and say that pressure washing houses adds 5 years to the life of your wooden surfaces. If this is true, and we imagine that 100-million American homeowners investing in pressure washing their houses, you can quickly see the positive environmental impact begin to add up. 500-million years of life added to wooden surfaces in the home takes a serious weight off of the lumber industry’s back, and everyone would love the look of their home. Of course, the environmental impact is not limited to the lumber industry: prolonging the life of existing wooden surfaces saves fossil fuels, landfill space, and much more.

         Pressure washing houses cuts back on water usage. Believe it or not, pressure washing houses is actually a very cost-effective way of using water to clean surfaces around your home. Think of it as a shower compared to a bath – the amount of water used in bucket-loads to clean your entire home is staggering compared to the amount used during a typically home pressure washing treatment. Of course, it also takes considerable more time and effort to constantly clean and refill dirty buckets, and scrub down your surfaces by hand, and the result will be nowhere near the same. Pressure washing houses channels the cleaning power of water and eco-friendly cleaning agents, and does it in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same job by hand.

         Pressure washing houses uses chemical cleaners more sparingly. When you trying to wash surfaces around the home by hand, you typically using a lot more cleanser. As a general rule of thumb, most people use the strongest cleaners for jobs that require extra elbow-grease, thinking that caustic cleaning solutions will cut through the grease and make life easier. It’s true, strong chemical cleaners do make scrubbing easier, but they don’t do our planet any favors. Pressure washing houses maximizes the cleaning power of water by firing it in a concentrated jet or fan, requiring minimal amounts of cleaning agents.

Additionally, our concrete sealing is very cost-effective, both for your wallet and the planet – a single application will last your concrete a lifetime, which means you can minimize the amount of chemicals you introduce into the environment while boosting the life of your concrete by up to 40%!

         Pressure washing houses makes your house look better than ever. Of course, there is more to pressure washing houses than what it does for the environment. This service lets you clean and restore wood surfaces, enhance the appearance of concrete, blast algae off of your siding, and revitalize old pavers so that they will look brand new!

         Pressure washing houses makes your property a safer environment. Pressure washing houses isn’t only environmentally-friendly – it will makes your environment more friendly to visitors! When pressure washing their houses, some people opt to clean and seal their pavers, which creates a non-slip coating to protect your loved ones for the rest of your life.

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