Prepping Your Windows for Spring

Spring cleaning should always include your windows. When the sun begins to shine longer, and the warmer weather comes, you want to be able to enjoy it. Let’s take a look at how to prepare your windows for spring.

Why we should prepare windows for spring:

Winter ice can cause sealant or caulking to crack and break off. Rain can cause rot and other damage, as well as enlarging already existing cracks. Freezing temperatures can also wreak havoc on windows during the winter. During the cold weather months windows often separate from the frames due to the extreme temperatures.

Here is a small list to help you prep your windows for spring:

  • If you have a large amount of windows in your home, have a home with more than one story or windows in awkward, hard to reach places, it is always a good idea to call an experienced window cleaning service. Safety is important!
  • Do an inspection of all windows in your home. Note all big and small issues, what you plan to do about them and when.
  • Write a list for what is needed for window maintenance around your home. Include all inspections and budget for repairs and locate any warranties you have for the windows.
  • Replace windows as needed or call a professional window cleaning service if you don’t have appropriate experience or time.
  • Make sure you read manuals for any special instructions for the windows of your house.

Time to Clean:

To begin your spring cleaning, look over the exterior of your windows to note any cracks, paint peeling or fading that may need to be replaced. Check the insulation around your windows. If you see anything that needs replacing, or water damage, caulking or weather stripping issues, spring is a good time to do repairs. It is also a good time to check skylights, blinds and curtains, before it gets hot and you need to use your windows.

To clean, start with wiping down the windows and sills with a combination of warm water and soap. This will get rid of any surface dust and dirt. Any soap should be fine for use on the entire window including the glass, as long as it’s non-abrasive. After soaping the window, rinse with fresh, warm water and a squeegee or microfiber cloths. As you are cleaning, check the tracks if your windows (if they have tracks.) See if all the sliding mechanisms are clear of debris and dirt. If you see any, wipe it out with a cloth or small, soft brush.

Once clean, lubricate all hinges and tracks with some sort of silicone lubricant. These lubricants can be used on many surfaces like plastic, wood and metal. Reseal your windows.

Don’t forget the screens. Replace any damaged screens before any bugs can get into your home. Small rips can call for a screen repair kit, or you can talk to a window cleaning service to see what they recommend. It may be easier to simply replace the whole screen.

Windows are crucial to the enjoyment and function of your home. They need a good maintenance plan, just like anything else, to keep them in the best shape. By prepping your windows for the coming spring, you are preventing future costly disasters.

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