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3 Reasons to Go Pro with Commercial Pressure Washing

There are so many reasons to schedule a commercial pressure washing treatment with the Window Genie experts! This single-day, environmentally-friendly cleaning with safely remove mildew and algae, blast away dirt, and restore the appearance of a number of different surfaces around the house.

If your spring cleaning list has already begun to clutter up, a single call to the Window Genie can wish away all of your outdoor cleaning needs so that you can focus your efforts on the inside! Pressure washing does the job in a fraction of the time it would take to lather, scrub, and rinse these surfaces off by hand, and actually extends the life of some of your home’s most precious surfaces. Increase your curb appeal, offset maintenance costs, and stun guests with a brilliant clean by calling Window Genie!

The importance of going pro:

The American public has seemingly had a love-hate relationship with pressure washing. Pressure washing services have been celebrated for their incredible ability to deep-clean and increase the lifespan of siding, concrete, wood, and pavement, and washing capabilities. Alternately, pressure washing has been cursed by inexperienced users who ended up carving strips of their deck or vinyl home siding through improper use.

The problem, of course, is that too many people have tried their hand at DIY pressure washing, underestimating the sophistication of the equipment, and the skill required to use it safely and effectively. Read on to learn 3 reasons you should go pro with Window Genie’s commercial pressure washing services!

Window Genie has the best equipment

Our Genie Mobiles are known for the eye catching royal purple, lightning, vibrant Genie logo, and for the quality of the equipment they come packed with. Today it is possible to purchase pressure washing equipment (and almost anything else) from big-brand superstores like Lowes and Wal-Mart, but the quality of this cleaning gear is usually quite low. Even if you luck out with a relatively good store-bought model, it will pale in comparison to the top-tier industrial-strength pressure washers that the Window Genies wield!

A low-quality pressure washer risks uneven spray and unsafe pressure settings, and in broad terms, will not give you a high-quality clean. Even in the hands of our Window Genie experts, the low-grade pressure washing models available at these stores produce underwhelming results.

Rather than wasting money on a sub-par pressure washer, why not invest that money in a commercial pressure washing instead? The cost is very close, and a professional wash will pay you back in the years of life added to your property.

Window Genie has sublime skills

All of our employees are highly-trained and very experienced behind the nozzle of a pressure washer. This guarantees that you get a deep clean without risking the structural integrity of your home, or the smooth finish of your deck. All of our services are completely guaranteed and insured to eliminate any doubt. The learning curve with a pressure washer is pretty steep, and picking one up without training turns your home into a practice-pad. Take advantage of our sublime skill instead!

Add a sealant for lifelong protection!

Another perk that going pro gets you is the option of selecting a concrete seal. Washing away acidic contaminants helps keep your concrete and pavement healthy, but applying our premiere ChemTec ONE seal gives you unparalleled protection for life. This is the same sealant used by the Department of Transportation when they need the best protection for their highways, bridges, and over-passes. This clear sealant requires only a single application in order to give your concrete a 40% boost to its lifespan. For decks and pavement, we also offer Ready Seal and Seal-n-Lock products, respectively. Best of all, by bundling your pressure washing and sealant services, you save even more money as you invest in a life free of pavement repairs!

If you would like to learn more about Window Genie’s professional pressure washing services, visit today to learn all you need to know, and receive a free quote!

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