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5 Hottest Gifts of the 2020 Holiday Season

A family sitting on a couch exchanging presents.

Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially when your family members and friends have such different tastes. Whether you’re shopping for kids, teens, fitness fanatics, tea lovers, or newlyweds, we have some great ideas you’ll love! Here are five of the hottest gifts to buy for the 2020 holiday season.

STEM Toy for Kids: Fun Forts Glow Kids Tent

With more elementary school kids learning from home this year, they may love a new STEM toy that helps them explore their world in new ways. Take this Fun Forts Glow Kids Tent for kids ages four and up. This life-size tinker toy takes blanket and pillow forts to a whole new level! Each kit comes with 52 glow-in-the-dark rods and 29 multitask spheres for endless creativity and fun.

Playtime isn’t just confined to the living room—when the weather warms up, let the kids build in the yard. They might make an igloo one day and a rocketship the next. There’s no limit to what their imaginations can dream up!

Unique Gift for Teens: Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

When you were a teenager, you snapped photos of your friends with a Polaroid camera. Everything is digitized now, but that isn’t always a good thing. The KiiPix Portable Photo Printer makes it easy to print and share photos with friends.

No batteries, cords or Bluetooth is required, so teens can take the compact printer anywhere. It’s more convenient and less expensive than buying a dedicated camera. Plus, teens love having digital versions of their photos to share on social media.

Top Gift for Fitness Fanatics: Daily Harvest Gift Box

Everyone has a friend or family member who doesn’t need to set health goals in the new year—they’re physically fit all year round! Make this Christmas special by giving the fitness fanatic in your life something they don’t already have—a Daily Harvest Gift Box.

Daily Harvest provides a fast, easy way to enjoy delicious and nutritious foods, including smoothies, soups, oat bowls, and much more. Meals and snacks are quick to put together, making them the perfect pick-me-up after a workout. Customize a gift box to suit your loved one’s tastes—or let them pick and choose with a gift card.

High-Tech Gift for Tea Lovers: Temperature Control Smart Mug

You don’t have to be a proper Brit to enjoy a good, strong cuppa each morning. But there’s nothing more frustrating than having your tea go cold before you finish it. You’ll warm any tea lover’s day with the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug.

Cold tea is a thing of the past with this sleekly designed mug that can keep your tea—or coffee!—hot for up to 90 minutes. Simply set the desired drinking temperature on a Smartphone. The mug intelligently wakes up upon pouring hot liquid inside, and it enters sleep mode once the cup is empty. A scratch-resistant ceramic coating keeps it looking great for years to come.

Personalized Gift for Newlyweds: From Doormats to Cutting Boards

Not sure what to get your newly married friends for Christmas? Consider offering a housewarming gift with a personal touch—something with their shared last name to make them smile every time they see it. Some popular personalized gift ideas include:

  • Personalized Doormat
  • Personalized Cutting Board
  • Personalized Wall Art
  • Personalized Picture Frame
  • Personalized Pillowcases
  • Personalized Wine Glasses

Once your gifts are purchased and wrapped, it’s time to put them under the tree. Who came up with the idea of Christmas trees, anyway? The history of the Christmas tree may surprise you.

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