5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

When it comes to appearances alone, residential window cleaning does not really need its praises sung any further. It is obvious to most people that a professional window cleaning really boosts the aesthetic of the home, which can be crucial when you’re trying to increase your curb appeal to encourage a sale, or simply to wow your guests.


But did you know that booking a residential window cleaning with Window Genie can actually help keep your home and family safe? It may seem like a stretch, but it’s the truth! These surprising benefits are exponentially greater when you book a routine cleaning program. Read on to learn 5 reasons you will want to hire a professional window cleaner!

Window Genie offers unparalleled residential window cleaning services.

The Window Genie team has worked hard over the years to establish a brand name associated with trust, customer satisfaction, and brilliantly-clean windows. This effort has been championed by Window Genie’s patented 3-step window cleaning process, which produces unbeatable results.

Most companies are content to soap up and squeegee your windows clean, but Window Genie goes the extra mile. Offering an atypical third step in our cleaning process, we make sure to scrub every window clean before we move on to the next. This scrubbing process removes tough stains that a simple soap-and-squeegee can’t touch. Any built-up tree sap or pest droppings will be wiped away so that you hardly realize you are looking through a window when you peer outside.

Window Genie helps you spot general problems around the house.

Window Genie workers have eyes that have been seasoned by thousands of hours on the job, and educated by industry-leading training. Having a professional set of eyes combing your property around the windows can help you notice any problem areas before they become more serious. If you have poorly-fitted screens, broken seals, sashes that are painted shut, rotting sills, or damaged and dysfunctional windows, our professional residential window cleaning service will identify the problems so that a solution can be found fast.

Residential window cleanings keep the bugs at bay

Bees and hornets typically erect their nests behind window shutters, while wasps love moving into storm windows. Ladybugs also like to settle into window channels, making windows tough to operate. A professional cleaning helps spot and dispose of any of these problem areas so that your family is kept safe from bug bites, and from malfunctioning windows that could prevent emergency escapes.

Residential window cleaning extends the life of your windows.

Simply put, cleaning your windows helps them last longer. Removing corrosive contaminants has obvious positive implications for the lifespan of your windows. Old aluminum screens will also gradually deteriorate over time, etching deposit patterns onto your windows in the way that lime deposits in your shower. These are not only unsightly, but deposits also make your windows more prone to cracks and chips in the future. A residential window clean protects them from this danger.

Window cleaning is tough!

Perhaps most importantly, window cleaning is a tough chore! It is usually procrastinated as much as possible, since nobody wants to spend a day lugging a ladder around the perimeter of the home with a squeegee and mop bucket in tow. Worst of all, at the end of your long and labor-intensive day, you might end up staring up at windows stripped with ugly streaks. Squeegeeing requires more skill than you might think, and learning a new skill isn’t easy when you are already tiring yourself out moving your ladder and supplies into position.

Save yourself the trouble and the safety hazard by calling on Window Genie for your professional residential window cleaning needs. We have decades of experience and have cleaned countless windows to unparalleled standards. Don’t waste your time and money on a sub-par DIY job; contact the Window Genie today to wish away all of your residential cleaning chores, and keep your family and home protected!


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15 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner”

  1. I never knew that window cleaning can help keep bugs at bay. I liked your comment on how a professional window company could help keep bees and hornets away. My husband and I are looking for ways to help save some time, maybe we should hire a window washing company to help keep the house clean.

    1. Window cleaning is definitely a time consuming chore – so if you’re looking to save time, hiring a professional is the best option! Thanks for reading, Olivia!

      1. Professional window cleaners can save you time, money and peace of mind. Windows are very expensive and if you allow dirt to accumulate over time it can etch the window and crack seals! – Greg Armstrong

  2. You make some great reasons why it’s better to hire a professional. I’d agree that window cleaning can be a tough chore. I would also add that it can be annoying since there’s always that one spot that always smudges.

  3. You mentioned that removing corrosive contaminants has obvious positive implications for the lifespan of your windows. My wife called me today to let me know that her family is coming to stay a week at our home. Do most cleaning services have different techniques they use to clean different kinds of windows? Hiring a professional cleaning service to come clean our windows might be a good choice.

  4. My mother has been reluctant to have her windows professionally cleaned but she can’t wash them by herself. You wrote that if you clean your windows that it can help extend the life of the window. I know my mother would love to not have to replace her windows, as that might be a bit expensive.

  5. Window cleaning is more important than I thought. Buying new windows is expensive, so if having them cleaned prolongs their life, I need to get that done! What sort of corrosive contaminants can get on the windows?

  6. I have enjoyed reading this wonderful article about the necessity of hiring a professional window cleaners. Really, entire discussion is more helpful and all the tips are more effective too. I am very glad to go through this kind of helpful article. Thanks for sharing a nice article.

  7. I liked that you had mentioned that getting your windows cleaned will get rid of all the bugs because they won’t be able to build long-lasting nests. My wife and I have been worried about how dirty our windows look in our basement and because of this, we’ve been thinking about hiring a professional. Knowing that it will rid bugs and extend the life of our windows, we’ll have to start looking into hiring a professional to come out and clean our windows.

  8. I like how you said that maintaining your exterior windows will help them have a longer life. Keeping those windows clean and shiny would certainly help increase curb appeal at least. They would let more light in as well which could help warm your home and need to use less heating in the winter.

  9. You were right when you said that one of the most common reasons why hiring a professional to clean the windows was the idea that window cleaning was a tough chore and people don’t want to do it. That’s especially true for me because I’m afraid of heights. I’ll be fine cleaning the windows on the first floor of the house, but you can’t rely on me to do it on the second floor. Instead of dreading the idea, I’ll just hire someone to do it for me. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you for pointing out that window cleaning keeps the bugs at bay. My husband wants to get our windows professionally cleaned. I’ll have to look into the best services in my area.

  11. I have to agree with you that a lot of people procrastinate when it comes to cleaning the windows because it is a tough chore to do. My husband has been putting off the cleaning for a while now and making excuses so that he won’t have to do it. I guess I have no choice but to hire window cleaning pros to do the job for us.

  12. Very well written article. Window cleaning is definitely not easy and hiring a professional is one of the smartest things a home owner can do. There are many home improvement projects, or cleaning DIY projects that can be accomplished easily and with great results…..Window Cleaning is not one of them.
    Cleaning windows properly and efficiently requires just the right products, tools and a lot of technique. Paying a professional will save you so much time and energy and the results will speak for themselves.

  13. I appreciate you saying that keeping your windows clean makes them last longer. The longevity of your windows is obviously improved by removing corrosive pollutants. My mom relocated to a new residence. I’ll advise her to hire window cleaners to keep her windows from rusting and to extend their lifespan.

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