Pressure washers have become extremely popular rental options among home owners looking for fast and efficient cleans. Unfortunately, many are unaware that there are different types of equipment meant for different surfaces… and that without proper training, one can easily damage their decks, walkways and house siding. Window Genie’s pressure washing services are becoming increasingly popular as customers opt for the ease and affordability of hiring our crew to get the job done over doing it themselves. Our customers have seen the difference a good pressure cleaning can make on their home’s siding, patios and driveways. Check out these pics and see for yourself! Continue reading "Common and Costly Errors with DIY House Pressure Washing"


Many people fail to realize just how dirty their home's exterior is until it has been treated to a pressure wash by Window Genie professionals. In fact, many people do not even know that a pressure washer can be used to clean their home.


Home owners who have seen or felt a pressure washer in action know that this powerful piece of equipment is capable of stripping wood from a deck, and consequently may not feel it is appropriate to point at their walls. This is an understandable reaction considering that the home is typically a family's greatest investment, and mold concerns have heightened in recent years. It is true that inexperienced handlers can damage their home using a pressure washer, but highly-trained Window Genie service technicians are capable of giving your vinyl, stucco or painted wood siding a deep clean without the collateral damage.


How does the home accumulate dirt?


When exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, dirt naturally accumulates on your home's siding. Blowing winds kick up gusts of dirt and debris that will envelope your house. Similarly, harsh rainfall will wash your home in dirt, salts and other pollutants throughout the fall. Dirty slush, berries, saps and the waste of bugs and animals will also gradually build up over time, leaving deceptive stain age that seriously impacts your home's curb appeal and longevity.


Why choose Window Genie?


Window Genie has been helping homeowners keep their siding looking its best for over two decades. During this time, Window Genie franchises have been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine, Money Magazine, USA Today, and Franchise Business Review, consistently ranking highly in their customer service, business growth and franchisee satisfaction categories over the years.  This growth has been possible due to Window Genie's industry-leading training and consistently positive customer experiences. For house pressure washing, this means that Window Genie experts get the job done fast, safely, affordably and without damaging either the home or the environment. Window Genie has fine-tuned the house pressure washing process over its 20 year tenure by using the appropriate pressure for each individual surface and home-safe cleaning products that will not damage your home or surrounding landscaping.


Why struggle with research, equipment rentals, self-teaching, trial and error, hard work and risk, when you can schedule an annual or bi-annual cleaning with Window Genie? Being proactive and signing up for multiple services a year means that you will be given discounts when ordering a number of related home maintenance services, including gutter, asphalt, window and concrete cleaning.


How to prepare your home for the best possible house pressure washing.


Window Genie professionals will remind you of the proper steps needed to eliminate the risk of damaging the home before they begin their cleaning, but it is useful to review them here so that you can take the initiative preparing your home for the best possible results.


    Locate all of the power outlets at the exterior of your home and take note of them for safety reasons.

    Close all of your windows and fill in any small ventilation holes with rolled up paper or a piece of putty that can be easily removed afterwards. This will stop any water from entering the home during your cleaning.

    Remove your shutters if possible. This will allow your Window Genie to have the best chance of clearing out spiders and wasps which commonly cluster in these hard-to-reach areas.

    Take note of all lighting fixtures and mailboxes so that the Window Genie worker can switch to low-pressure options, or avoid these vulnerable fixtures entirely when pressure washing the house.


Window Genie pressure washing technicians have been helping home owners boost their curb appeal for 20 years and are standing by to provide America‘s homeowners with a high-quality clean.

In our 25-plus year tenure as industry-leading residential window and home-cleaning service providers, Window Genie experts have seen the benefits of commercial pressure washing on display time and time again. From mold and dirt-ridden decks to unreachable home siding, pressure washers have taken down some of the biggest messes in the smallest amount of time, and revitalized customers' homes across America. Many people have seen pressure washers in action or heard about their potency but have not yet invested in a professional clean. Many homeowners convince themselves that renting a washer and committing their weekend to a self-clean would be easier and cheaper; that is most definitely incorrect. Window Genie is one of the premiere pressure washing companies in the country, and would like to share with readers the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional pressure washing company.

Access to the Latest Equipment

Whether you dust off your old unit or rent one from the local rent-all shop, the chances are that whatever kind of pressure washer you can get your hands on will not be on par with that used by one of America's leading professional pressure washing companies. Window Genie is in a constant state of growth with a focus on continued improvement... and this means that equipment is continually updated. Constant updates are in the company's best interest as it keeps cleaning times down and customers happy. Put the Genie to work for you, don't make a tough job even tougher by trying to resurrect an old piece of equipment you’re not trained to use properly.

Experts Can Give You a Clean Without the Collateral Damage

Pressure washers are powerful pieces of equipment that respond poorly to inexperienced handling. The art of pressure washing takes time to master. Too much pressure aimed poorly can completely ravage the surfaces of your deck, fence or home siding. When improperly used without the know-how of a commercial pressure washing company employee, you can actually strip away layers of your home, causing permanent damage and making it vulnerable to further weathering. Window Genie experts are highly-trained and fully familiar with their equipment and can strip mold, mildew, dirt, and debris from your home surfaces without causing any collateral damage in the process.

Hiring Experts Guarantee a Great Clean

Window Genie can clean your deck, fences, gutters, home siding, and more with a guarantee of great service. Window Genie experts are committed to customer satisfaction and will not leave until the job has been done up to their franchise standards. Customers investing in a Window Genie clean know that they are getting exactly what they paid for. By contrast, those paying for pressure washer rental fees are absorbing a cost without any assurance that their home will be cleaned properly while also incurring no damages.

Professional Pressure Washing Keeps Environmental Damage to a Minimum

Pressure washing can be very wasteful and harmful to the immediate environment. Careless washing can drive toxins and pollutants into nearby water sources. With their up-to-date pressure washing equipment and skilled hands, Window Genie experts ensure that all of their pressure washing jobs leave no impact on the environment. Making use of equipment and techniques to capture run-off, and opting for more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, Window Genie works under EPA regulations to keep the world as clean as your home siding.

Saves You Time and Energy

Pressure washing is really not as simple as it seems when approached by someone lacking in experience and equipment. Indeed, Window Genie has been able to succeed as a leading power washing company because the service is in high demand as homeowners look for fast and easy solutions to their soiled siding situations. Window Genie brings over two decades of experience to the job alongside the most modern equipment and offers customers a guaranteed clean. Don't roll the dice with rental service equipment and first-timer's luck; contact Window Genie to have your pressure washing wishes granted.

Pressure washing has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces in both residential, commercial, and business locations. From sidewalks and patios to residential home exteriors, pressure washing is suitable in a number of different cleaning contexts. Pressure washing is an excellent way of maintaining or restoring the look of the home, with many realty agents recommending that potential sellers invest in a pressure wash as a way of boosting the curb appeal and listing price of their home. Periodic concreate cleaning will extend its service life and enhance its beauty. If you are worried about having to invest time and energy replacing another stained deck, then pressure washing may be your answer, as it is one of the best ways to boost their longevity. Read on to learn about the many benefits of pressure washing!

Pressure washing is easy for everyone

Conventional cleaning tasks typically require a lot of time, energy, and elbow grease. With pressure washing, there is no need to scrub and strain to unsettle stubborn debris. Save your back and joints the effort. Pressure washers let you maintain a strong upright posture and direct the force of the water towards unwelcome stains. The set-up required for a pressure washing treatment is also quite simple, involving about as many steps as it would require to find soap, sponges, and fill a bucket. Simply affix a water hose to the pressure washer unit, and either plug it in or add fuel to its power source to begin.

Pressure washing saves serious time

Compared to regular cleaning methods, pressure-washing is an anti-bacteria blitzkrieg. When you invest in a professional pressure washing, you are cutting out the need to gather materials, prepare a cleaning solution of appropriate strength, and undergo a rigorous half-day or more of scrubbing. Pressure washing eliminates the need for time-consuming ladder work, allowing you to simply point the nozzle towards hard-to-reach areas.

Pressure washing keeps your family safe

Your home houses more than family. On decks, exterior walls, and sidewalks you will find a number of unique contaminants, varying in severity from dirt to harmful mold. Pressure washing blasts these potentially harmful substances away, keeping your family breathing the purest air possible. Pressure washing away algae or other slippery substances also minimizes your family's risk of slips or falls at home. Furthermore, regular pressure washing treatments are considered part of an overall preventative maintenance effort that can keep your home safe and in-shape. Keeping your home clean hinders the premature decay of your porch, driveway, or deck, improving safety outcomes.

Pressure washing boosts curb appeal

When realty agents are asked by motivated sellers how they can distinguish their homes from countless other listing competitors, they often reply that increasing curb value is an effort well-invested. Curb appeal allows your home to stand out from other home listings, and will draw in many more interested buyers when it comes time to host a viewing. Many of the actions taken to improve curb appeal can be completed faster and more thoroughly using a pressure washer. Boosting curb appeal is often done by shaping up the condition of the driveway and bordering sidewalks, or by cleaning unattractive mildew off of the home's exterior. Pressure washing can take care of all of these tasks in a breeze, preserving your time and energy for more pressing issues faced when entering in to an unruly realty market!

Pressure washing is easy on the environment

Heavy-duty cleaning is commonly associated with the application of harmful chemical cleaners. These cleaning solutions can be very effective, but typically enact a heavy toll on the environment. Pressure washing does not introduce any harmful chemicals into the environment. Pressure washers work by blasting water at high velocity, and the power of this water stream is often sufficient to lift stains and mildew without the need for harmful chemicals. Pressure washers also use less water when compared to the amount used by a garden hose tackling the same kind of job. The amount of force applied by pressure washers means that much less water will be needed overall, with some estimates suggesting that as much as 75% of water is saved using pressure washing. This is because a pressure washer expels water at roughly 50 times the force of a garden hose. This allows the smallest amount of water to be granted the greatest amount of cleaning power. If you would like to access the cleaning, cost, and environmentally-friendly benefits of the pressure washing practice, contact your local Window Genie today. With two decades of experience and a lengthy list of happy customers, Window Genie services will enchant you!