When people hear the term window film or window tint, the first thing that comes to mind is car windows. Window Genie would like to change that! We specialize in window film for home and business owners across the nation - offering an opportunity to save on utility bills while deflecting harmful UV rays that can fade furniture and damage your skin. With this article we want to give you a baseline understanding of what window film is. Continue reading "Window Tint 101"
Your home is your happy place, and you’ve worked hard to fill it with the people and things you love. While you consider the many different ways you can keep your home and family safe, don’t forget about the sun! The threat of harmful UV rays is real – your family and belongings are at risk for damage every day the sun shines. What can you do to prevent this? Read on! Continue reading "A Threat to Your Home & Family: THE SUN"

3M is a household name. In fact, I can guarantee you have something either made by 3M or invented by them in your home. Almost anywhere you could possibly be, 3M is there. One of their mottos is “You’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M science”. Cars, planes, homes, clothing, you name it and 3M is involved. That is why Window Genie worked hard to start a partnership with 3M. In spring 2015 we introduced the 3M Envision™ line of window film because we wanted to give our customers the highest quality products possible.

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Having window film installed in your home/office will immediately transform how your space looks, feels and affects your daily routine. If you’re curious about what window film is, what it does and if it’s worth it… read on! Backed by our manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, you’ll feel safe choosing a brand you can trust, installed by your local Genie! We’re here to offer the TOP 4 REASONS you should have window film installed professionally.

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When you decide to add a residential window tint to your home, keep in mind one of the most used, but least thought about, places -the garage. Whether you use your garage for storage or for somewhere to hang out, you will want to be able to fully enjoy the area and this includes windows. You can control the amount of privacy and sunlight in your garage.

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Thinking of adding some tint to your windows? There are many reasons to get windows tinted; to reduce glare, block sunlight and UV rays, reduce heat and simply for privacy. Whatever your reasons for getting a tint, you may have questions about how it’s done, the types of tint and how you care for your windows after it’s done. Let’s take a look at tinting.

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