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Employee Turned Entrepreneur

Meet Jerry Mastrofilippo… He’s one of our newest franchise partners, opening this spring in Allentown Pennsylvania!

Jerry chose to start his franchise so he could take control of his success and build a stable future for his family. Jerry has a unique perspective unlike any Window Genie franchise partner before him; after 10 years of working for and growing with a business, he would eventually venture out and start himself!

We love Jerry’s story! For the last 10 years, Jerry worked as lead technician and field manager for Steve Sarafin… Steve is the owner of Window Genie in NW New Jersey. Steve opened his franchise in 2000 and has held the title of “sales leader” almost every year since… so what we’re saying is Jerry came from a very successful franchise under great leadership. We’re incredibly grateful that Steve was gracious enough to give an amazing, indispensable employee his blessing to branch out on his own.

Having seen first-hand the potential for growth, success, and an attractive work-life balance, Jerry said he chose to branch out on his own so he could build a stable future for his family. “I worked for Window Genie’s top-earning franchise location for 10 years; I learned from the best. While I had a great boss and enjoyed the job, I felt ready to be my boss. Since getting married and having kids I wanted to find a way to have my say in balancing work while still being able to be there for my wife and kids as much as possible. Being my boss and working in a field I have a great deal of experience allows me that opportunity. I’m grateful for everything I learned while working for Steve and hope to earn as much success as he did as a business owner.”

For Jerry, Window Genie represented a chance to live out his dream of being his boss without the risks of going it alone. “The service industry is dear to me, and Window Genie’s stellar reputation in the field conveys a great deal of credibility,” said Jerry. “I knew that starting a business backed by the Window Genie name would let me get started on the right foot. Steve’s experience working with the franchise system was always positive, he assured me I would always receive the support I needed from not only the corporate team but fellow franchise partners. That makes a huge difference and has put my mind at ease. I’m excited to branch out on my own and see what I’m made of.”

So what does it take to be a successful Window Genie franchise owner? Who’s our “ideal” candidate? Someone with window cleaning experience? Experience running a small business? Well… we’re on record as saying NO experience is necessary – it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, just where you’re willing to go. To succeed in this business, the right person just needs to have self-driven motivation with an ability to sell, a willingness to learn and take advice… and to have great leadership skills! We believe the rest can be taught at training, through following the system and taking advantage of our ongoing support and coaching… Maybe that’s because many successful Window Genie franchise owners have come to us from all over; we’ve had an ex-veterinarian, yacht captain, a CPA, Army Master Sergeant, and High School Teacher join the Window Genie team… and they’re all great!

But sometimes there IS that “ideal” candidate out there – one with extensive experience working in and on a window cleaning & home service business… and for us, he’s been right under our nose for 10 years!

We would say WELCOME to Team Genie, Jerry… but since that would be about 10 years too late, instead we’ll just say CONGRATS for having the guts to follow your dream, take control of your success, and grant yourself the privilege of being your boss! Good luck, we’re so happy to have you on board as an owner and can’t wait to see what you’re made of!

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