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How Do I Clean My Windows in the Rain?

Most Americans already realize the difficulty of a day’s work cleaning windows. Hauling ladders, water-laden buckets, and cleaning implements around the perimeter is no fun, especially if you aren’t too skilled with a squeegee. The tediousness of the job is one reason why Window Genie’s professional window cleaning services are so popular.

However, something that homeowners often overlook is how tough it is to find the right time to clean their windows. This point goes beyond the need to actually carve out a block in your busy schedule to do the work; finding the right time to clean the windows is made difficult by unpredictable weather patterns. When you read different articles online or ask cleaning professionals, you may read about the dangers of cleaning in direct sunlight. When you clean your windows in direct sunlight, there is a very good chance that the panes are overheated, which can increase the likelihood of streaking, especially when the squeegee is in the hands of an untrained professional. Conversely, most homeowners worry about cleaning their windows in the rain; like most outdoor jobs, window cleaning is sometimes thought to be best left for dry days. But then how are you supposed to find the time if you can’t clean your windows in rain or shine?

Cleaning the insides of your windows is easy.

Cleaning the interior of your windows is not disrupted by weather. Window Genie technicians can handle interior cleanings in any weather conditions. We work around furniture and any other obstructions to minimize your prep obligations, letting you relax on rainy days. But what about the outside of those windows?

Rain or shine, Window Genie grants your clean window wishes!

The answer may surprise you. In fact, rain or shine does not affect Window Genie’s window cleaning service. Window Genie is a year-round service capable of delivering professional-grade cleaning in cold, snowy weather, or hot humid weather. We have the expertise to avoid streaking up your hot window panes, and the skill to clean in a light rain. Sometimes rainwater is actually preferable to tap water when it comes to window cleaning! The only weather condition that can disrupt our window cleaning service is driving, blowing rain – you’ll see why below!

Driving rain and the importance of cleaning window screens.

Though our workers are capable of getting the job done in any weather, driving rain is a problem if you haven’t been cleaning your window screens. Driving, blowing rain that hits a dirty screen will splatter dirt, salt, and mineral deposits onto your freshly cleaned window pane, making the job redundant during these weather conditions. This is why we reschedule in the event that there is a driving rain storm.

Rain doesn’t make your windows dirty, dirt does! Cleaning window screens is an important maintenance chore that needs to be completed if you want to keep your windows looking cleaner for longer. Dust builds up on the outside of your window panes from passing lawnmowers, leaf blowers, car exhaust, and more. It settles in a level layer across the pane, making it less visible, but once the raindrops start falling, this uniform coating is disrupted and spattered into different patterns. When the dust and dirt dries, it forms a highly visible mud residue that blocks out sunlight and pretty views.

This layer is cleaned off when you schedule a regular Window Genie window cleaning, but cleaning your window screens is vital if you want to keep up appearances. Fortunately, if you choose Window Genie for your home or business, then you are taking care of that chore too.

Don’t worry about making time for window cleaning. Don’t let bad weather rain on your parade! Window Genie can give you sparkling windows in stormy weather so that afterward you can watch rainbows arc across the sky. Cleaning your windows screens is easy to tack onto your regular window cleaning, so ask your local Genie today!

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