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Introducing 3 New Window Genie Locations

We’re always excited to introduce the newest members of Team Genie, so here are three new locations to share with you!

Ray Shero opened his Window Genie franchise in Fredericksburg, VA on August 10th. After Ray, Barry, and Mazie Ellis opened in Fayetteville, NC on August 24th. Last but not least, we look forward to the grand opening of Jorge Torres’ franchise in The Woodlands, TX this September!

Ray Shero:

Before purchasing a Window Genie franchise, Shero worked for many years in retail management and more recently, construction management. Finding the construction industry to be volatile, based on the unstable housing market, Shero began exploring his next move. He said, “I’ve reinvented myself many times throughout my career, but this time I was ready for something different. I always had it in the back of my mind that one day I’d like to be my boss.”

With the guidance of a franchise coach at Matchpoint, Shero was able to determine which business opportunities best fit his strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals. By the end of 2014, the list was narrowed down to a handyman/repair franchise, a home inspection franchise, and a Window Genie. Initially, Shero says he was unsure about Window Genie, “Window Genie was my last choice of the three franchises at first. The other options felt more in my comfort zone; I’d spent so many years in construction and had a lot of experience in home repairs, that at first glance it felt they’d be more well-suited for me. I’m glad I had a franchise coach to help me keep an open mind because after some investigation I found Window Genie was exactly what I was looking for.”

What it came down to for Shero was Window Genie’s simple business model that allowed for steady growth alongside a support team he could trust. Shero said he prayed on it and decided to trust his instincts. He said, “There was never a red flag during my time researching and getting to know the business and people behind Window Genie. The culture at corporate is very family-like. The support staff is genuinely invested in the system’s success, and it’s a team I wanted to be a part of. It was one of those gut feelings I had to trust. Also, from a business standpoint, it’s a simple concept and I can run the business from home. Offering a few different services means there’s something for every home’s needs and budget, so my business has multiple revenue streams. I’m confident in my relationship-building and customer service skills, but I’m not an expert at everything. Having a team at corporate I can trust to assist me in the other aspects of the business I might struggle with means everything. When you buy into a franchise you’re truly going into business for yourself, but never by yourself.”

Barry & Mazie Ellis:

Before purchasing a Window Genie franchise, both Barry and Mazie served in the Army. Barry retired after 20 years of service and has since been working in IT. Mazie is approaching her 20-year milestone in November and plans to retire from the military. Mazie said, “For the past year I’ve been planning on my next move after 20 good years of service to my country. Being a business owner was always a dream of mine, but not to simply be my own boss or make a lot of money. It’s about having the opportunity to give back and serve my community every day.”

While researching business opportunities, Mazie received a grand opening announcement about Window Genie of Killeen Texas. The Killeen franchise location is owned by Army Veteran Eric Stewart and his wife Nydia, old friends of the Ellis’. Mazie said, “I began reading everything I could about Window Genie once I heard the Stewarts opened their location in Killeen. Window Genie seemed to have everything I’d been looking for, so I called Barry and while he wasn’t immediately convinced, I knew I was onto something.”

It wasn’t until Barry visited Killeen this year that he realized Window Genie was the right fit. He said, “I went to see Eric at his home office and saw the trucks, the equipment, how he had everything set up. Hearing a genuine testimony from the Stewarts helped me see into the real day-to-day life of a Window Genie owner. It finally clicked and I had a change of heart; I was able to imagine myself doing this in Fayetteville.”

Barry and Mazie look forward to connecting to the community they love through their new home service business. Mazie said, “I’m excited to interact with so many different people every day. I’m a people person, I love talking with customers and solving problems. Coming from an IT background, Barry possesses a whole other set of skills that I lack so we’ll make a great team. Any aspects of the business we’re unsure about or need help, Window Genie’s corporate office is there to support us. There’s a lot of unknown but we’re not afraid of a challenge.”

Jorge Torres:

From Mexico to The Woodlands, Jorge Torres made a big change to start this new chapter in his life. After over 30 years as a corporate lawyer in Mexico City, Jorge and his family decided to permanently relocate to The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston where they’d vacationed many times. “With my sons moving onto university in the States, my family and I decided it was time to make a permanent move. We have friends and family in the Houston area, it’s been our second home for years.”

Obtaining a work permit was a slow process. “It took about 8 months total because you need to present a completed business plan to be approved. I had to purchase my franchise before I was even granted permission to work in Texas, so while it was risky and took a long time, it was certainly worth it,” said Torres.

What drew him to Window Genie was the family-like atmosphere and the fact that Window Genie is a proven business, 21 years in the making. Jorge worked with a franchise coach to help narrow down his search based on his strengths, weaknesses, interests, and goals. “My coach assured me I’d be working with very decent people at Window Genie, and she was right. I feel I made a safe choice not only because it’s a mature franchise with years of success but also because I trust and like the people. The corporate support staff is very helpful and genuine, but also the franchise partners take pride in being a nationwide team. I made the right choice.”

Jorge opens his franchise this September. After months of waiting, he’s excited and ready to connect to his new hometown.

You may have noticed that each of our new franchise partners in this post comes from a very different background… and we love it! We’re proud to have a system of individuals who come from different walks of life. Their unifying factor is they all had the dream of being their boss… and they’ve achieved it! The freedom and fulfillment that comes with business ownership are like none other! Nearly anybody can be a Window Genie franchise partner. We’re looking for motivated individuals with the ability to follow our proven system to grow their business. People skills, sales skills, and time management skills are a plus, but with our all-star support team, succeeding with Window Genie is easier than ever. We’re here to assist in all aspects of the business; from operations to administrative duties, to accounting and marketing. To learn more about the Window Genie opportunity, call or browse our franchise site now!

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