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Two New Window Genie Franchise Partners for June!

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We’re excited to introduce two new members of the Window Genie family… Pete Wilson from northern Cincinnati, OH, and Joe Consolo from northern Albany, NY! These two attended the May management training class together at the Window Genie corporate office and officially opened for business just one week apart from one another on June 8th and 15th. Each of our Window Genie Franchise Partners pursues business ownership for a different reason… everyone has their WHY– whether it was because they were laid off, unhappy at their current job, wanting to be their boss, or to experience freedom with a better work-life balance…we’ve seen it all! Keep reading to learn about our newest team members’ WHY!

Being a Marine Corps veteran comes with a certain amount of prestige. That is why it is Window Genie’s honor to announce the grand opening on June 8th of Pete Wilson’s franchise. Pete is a 14-year veteran of the Marine Corps and served a tour in Iraq. Window Genie is excited to welcome another great service member into the family!

Pete believes that his military training will provide him with the skill set to run a successful franchise. “I think my time in the military as an active duty officer helped me develop management and problem-solving skills needed to juggle the responsibilities of being an owner.” Pete also has an MBA from Miami University. “When I returned home [from Iraq] my goal was always to open a business. So I went back to Miami and got my MBA.”

Choosing the right opportunity proved arduous. Pete employed the help of franchise coach Beth Veach. With the help of Beth and Entrepreneur’s Source Pete spent two years trying to select the perfect opportunity to start his franchise before finally deciding on Window Genie.

So why did Pete choose Window Genie? He said, “Window Genie’s business model is fairly simple, the overhead is low and there is a great deal of opportunity for growth based on the multiple services and multiple revenue streams available year-round.” Location was also a big factor he said. “The corporate office is just down the street, so I know all the help, guidance, and support I need is both a phone call and a short drive away.”

But what’s great about Pete’s plan for success is he isn’t forgetting where he came from. “A huge part of the Window Genie culture is giving back and staying connected to our communities through service; I plan on hiring veterans, helping them get back to work, as well as contributing to several community service efforts to help connect myself and Window Genie into my hometown.” Window Genie takes great pride in providing veterans with the opportunity to start their franchises.

Congratulations Pete Wilson! We are excited for the great opportunity that lies ahead of you.

Introducing… JOE CONSOLO!

Joe officially opens for business in Clifton Park, NY on June 15th. Before purchasing a Window Genie franchise, Consolo worked for CVS Health, formerly CVS Caremark for 30 years, working as both a store manager and district manager covering the Albany and West Chester NY markets. He said, “Growing up, my father was a builder and owned his own business. Business ownership had always been in the back of my mind, but CVS was good to me. Not everyone loves their job, but I did for many years. I think I was just ready both mentally and financially to tackle this dream of being my boss. I’m under ten years away from retirement, now is my time to build something for myself that can do some good in the community.”

While conducting his research and exploring business opportunities, Consolo said as an avid reader of Money Magazine, he came across an article in the fall of 2014 titled, “13 Things to do with $100k Now,” which featured a list of investments and purchases recommended by experts in various fields, including franchising. The CEO of Franchise Business Review, Eric Stites, suggested buying a franchise, specifically calling out Window Genie as a suggestion.

Consolo said, “It was one of those gut feelings, something about Window Genie stood out from day one. Of course, I looked into other opportunities, but not a single red flag was raised about Window Genie. Yes on paper it looked great with a 20-year-old proven business model and multiple revenue streams through multiple services, but talking with the people at the corporate office and the existing franchise partners around the country, I was just able to see myself doing this. I’ve lived in the northern Albany area for over 35 years so it excited me to imagine running a service business where I could not only create jobs but interact with different home and business owners every day, bringing useful and meaningful services to improve the look and value of their properties

We’re excited to see what’s in store for our newest Genies! If you’re interested in learning more about the Window Genie opportunity, browse our franchise site

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