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What Makes Window Genie a Nationally Ranked Window Cleaning Company in the US

There are thousands of window cleaning, tinting, and pressure washing companies sprinkled throughout the United States. There is likely very little incentive for industry newcomers to pursue a career in window cleaning service simply because of the market’s current saturation. With so many competitors active out there, many prospective clients may be wondering exactly how industry leaders have been able to distinguish themselves from the crowd. This question is further complicated by the perceived similarity of the services offered by the numerous window cleaners out there. If they are all simply cleaning windows, how can one be better than the other? Competitors are lugging the same pressure-washers in their trucks, and wielding the same squeegees after all. So what makes Window Genie a nationally-ranked window cleaning company?

Innovative mobile marketing strategy to help leave a lasting impression.

The Window Genie brand has distinguished itself from competitors in a number of ways. Beyond their provision of high-quality cleaning, tinting, and pressure-washing home maintenance, Window Genie has gone the extra mile with the creation of the “GenieMobiles,” a mobile-marketing approach that has allowed the brand to nestle into the hearts and minds of mothers and children across the country.

A “GenieMobile” is a logo-wrapped vehicle. These GenieMobiles can be any make or model of vehicle, as different wrap styles and sizes exist to suit different automotive shapes. Rik Nonelle, the founder and CEO of Window Genie, highlights how the GenieMobiles allowed the company to evolve past a static, one-dimensional advertising style, so that a fun and dynamic approach could be used to draw attention and benefit franchisees with ample customer interest.

The GenieMobile logo was illustrated by a former Disney illustrator. The animated genie character is featured in three different action poses to give him a sense of life, vibrancy, and movement. This cartoon genie appeals instantly to children, an effect that was entirely intentional as Window Genie owners found that over 90% of their customer base was comprised of stay-at-home mothers. Appealing to their children allowed Window Genie franchises to resonate with mothers who had yet to realize the quality of service being offered.

The logic behind the creation of a fleet of GenieMobiles is rock-solid. Window Genie is a premier provider of window cleaning, pressure washing, and window tinting services, but even top-tier services can be forgotten or lost in the shuffle. With the GenieMobile approach, Nonelle has ensured that franchisees are given the best chance to make a lasting impression. Consider the impact of an unmarked pick-up driving through a neighborhood, and compare that to the impact a rich purple vehicle emblazoned with lightning streaks and a whimsical Genie will have.

A sincere care for our customers.

Window Genie experts have confidence in their skills and cleaning abilities. There is no doubt in our minds that the customer will be left satisfied after a day’s work. Part of the reason that Window Genie experts make such an investment in their skill development is that they care about customer satisfaction. Being a Window Genie franchisee is about showing love for the customer. Just like the company’s branding, marketing, and GenieMobiles set them apart from the competition, their approach to customers is similarly designed to boost customer satisfaction.

Window Genie franchise owners do everything in their power to satisfy the customer within reason. Even if the customer may be mistaken, Window Genie experts will not stop until they are satisfied. The motivation behind this approach is twofold; first, we hold hard work and positive customer experiences up as two of our most valued core ethics, and second, because a satisfied customer is more likely to repeat business! Every tier of our franchisee system from hiring to training is calibrated to encourage the development of these qualities.

The best training and hiring practices out there.

Window Genie training has produced some of the best window cleaning, pressure washing, and window tinting service providers in the market today. The quality of work they have delivered has been instrumental in the spread of the Window Genie reputation, and their candidacy as a nationally-ranked company. Because of their confidence in the training process, Window Genie hires are chosen primarily based on their attitudes. Skills can be taught, but a winning personality is a highly valued commodity among service providers!

Window Genie also goes the extra mile during hiring to protect customer safety. Window Genie is a rare professional window cleaning company that does background checks on all employees. Window Genie also mandates that all employees wear photo ID, which can be cross-referenced with a picture of the service provider e-mailed to the customer upon booking for extra security.

If you are in need of window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning, why not contact one of the nation’s premier providers? Window Genie experts are standing by today to grant you your cleaning wishes.

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